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FelinePhonic -Reborn - Stereophonik Mix clip

WOW and Double wow! Feline Phonic is back and the title says all!
BREAK 100% for fans!!!!

FelinePhonic -Reborn - Stereophonik Mix clip by young nrg productions

ELECTRO BREAK SET - Dec 2010 - by Stex

Official Spot Winter Beatport Releases – December 2010

Official Spot for Young NRG Beatport Releases – Breakbeat – Drum’n'Bass-Electro! All artists available from december!
Stex – Jet Peks – Ottone – Ming… and many others!!!
There are many hot weapons to shot this winter and xmas!
Breakbeat Associate vol.2 – Various artists from Italy, UK, US….
a reunion of a certain style in this compilation breakbeat
Horny Andy, Von Kraig, Dj Kermes, Dasya, Feline Phonic, Slowpop.
All together to make dance in break party club.
From russian: JET PEKS.. keep an eye to this artist:
Jet Peks is the tasty blend of eternal jazz and funk traditions carefully cooked with broken beats. Most of his sound arrangements are based on sampled instruments that make sound rich and impressive.
The first appearance of Jet Peks dates back to 2009, the year his “Funk Me, Whatta Groovy Trip” LP was delivered to the hundreds of music websites for absolutely free.
Funk, jazz, reggae, folk, drum’n'bass, breaks, big beat, groove… It’s all about Jet Peks!

How to Stop Music Piracy: send your friends, please

many many blog, forum are uploading all new releases.We call you and ask your help to delete and fight the piracy music.It’s borning new service to delete the links, but the price are very high for independent artists and label.
One way is founding in google your release where is posted.
or tu use:
To copy the link and send a mail at dmca.
Protection can then start immediately!
This is an exemple how to write the mail:
Dear dmc,thanks for your kindness and support. My name’s Stefano Ricci, I’m the manager from Young NRG Productions.I wish to ask to delete this file from filetube, please.there are our artist.
you can find the copyright inhttp://www.youngnrg.euall/ release available on beatport, junodownload, feyr
The main services are,,
To complete a proper DMCA Notice, state the following …

Nrg Break Xmas Compilations - Various Artists OUT NOW!

OUT NOW in iTunes NRG Break XMas Compilations 25 tracks Artists: Ottone - Slowpop - Dasya - Von Kraig - Feline Phonic - Dj Kermes - Fomenko - Hydrator - Bad Boyz - Stex - Horny Andy

Genres: Electronic, MusicReleased: Dec 17, 2010℗ 2010 Young Nrg Productions

Feline Phonic - Dj Kermes

Break & Funky - Electro projects composed and founded by Stex.

Breakbeat Associate Vol.2

Nu fresh Break  Funky & Electro Break Alert! New project made from Young NRG Productions in collaborations with Various  Artists. Produced by Dj Stex.
Total Love breakz,bass, sinths funk 70's give a big support in this  compilation. This is groovin!

THE LABEL - Young NRG Productions

One of the most innovative labels in Italy, officially started in 2001 but established in 1989, is one of the few that creates an international music networking. Founder and manager of Young NRG Stefano Ricci (aka Dj Stex), together with Teo Ederle, founder of Lao-tsu Productions, created their own personal and quite uncommon soundstyle since '89, when they started producing as the first acid jazz scene emerge. Keeping their hip-jazz roots until '99, when they start their first project Dasya, something in between electroclash and jungle, they developed their sound research and constantly changed their musical trends, but always maintaining the jazz nature, with sensual and warm voices with deep feelings like Billy Holiday or Ella Fitzgerald. On the site you can listen a preview of every single track from their artists/producers - all pretty fresh and talented like their latest Feline Phonic – Dj Stex - that brings that missing hint of h…

NRG Breakbeat artists and releases


(Dj,Producer,Remixer),born  in Italy. He begins his career as a Dj in  1990, playing his first  albums in various clubs in his hometown.
After  two years , he begins to learn new mixing and mastering  technologies,  improving and personalizing them. From there the decision  to  participate in various mixing competions, obviously always in his   hometown. Afterwards, thanks to textbooks and specialized magazines he  draws  nearer to the complex world of hardware, indispensable for  musical  productions, overwhelming him and brings him closer to the  "Show Sets",  mixing the beauty of analogic with the precision of  digital (Digital  Samplers,Synth,Sequencer,...).

Stefano Ricci (Aka Dj Stex ) is one of the true italian creators of  NuJazz, Chill, who was forefront when it all began with Teo Ederle and  hisCrew in 1989 know as the Young NRG Posse. he's the man behind Dasya,  GLP, Feline Phonic, Bad Boyz, Le Fleurs Du Mal, Dj Kermes, Her …

Calling Brighton: New Breakz Artists in Young NRG - Original Source

Original Source are a fresh exciting breakbeat duo from Brighton town, United Kingdom. They comprise of two young yet well seasoned fresh and exciting dance musicians aka James D'ley and Alex Retina who seem to stop at nothing to get their very very breakbeat sound out to you the ,discerning raver.
D'ley is a name some of you will already be well aware of smashing his way onto the international scene last year having picked up a nomination at Breakspoll2010 for best breakthrough DJ and recently being signed to the legendary CUT LA ROCS artist agency ROCSTAR ARTISTS amongst many other achievements, but for the first time he has teamed up with a production partner nameley , Alex retina who has been delving in and out of the national and local drum and bass scene since 2003 .

After being left in the wilderness when DnB "turned rubbish" , he spent a couple of years finding where he was at musically to then bump into James who was obviously all about the breaks. Not too l…