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Do It Yourself
14 Jan 11

Review: A new breaks duo from Brighton comprising Alex Retina and James D'Lea, Original Source make waves with this new release on Young NRG. "Do It Yourself" features some distinctive snare work on the breakdowns, while they slowly ramp things up for the drop. Just as good is "Fantasy" which sports some fine filter work before once again dropping into some exceedingly chunky b-lines.


22 Jan 11

Juno Recommends Breakbeat

Review: A pleasingly varied set of mixes of Italian breaks outfit Feline Phonic includes the Stereophonik mix of Reborn, which works in one of the most tripped-out and spacey breakdowns you're likely to hear for a while, along with two new mixes of "Split". Funkybaby take "Split" and give it deep Balearic mainroom vibes, while Feline Phonic's own mix comes in on a heavy nu-funk tip.

Bomb Jack

24 Feb 11

Cyber Nautic - Out Now

Review by Juno Plus: Is this breakbeat? Is this psy-trance? Both... It's a flipping great record that will resonate with DJs from all corners of the dance. "Antartik" is all about the acid: layers and layers of the stuff, interweaving over a steady series of swaying, splashing beats and deep bulbous bass. Rolling with heady depths, it's one of those tunes that envelop you for its entirety and, as it ends, you wonder where you've been for the last five minutes. Bona fide journey business.

Vote Breakspoll 2014 - Damage Breaks -The Witch - Freedownload

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