Official Spot Winter Beatport Releases – December 2010

Official Spot for Young NRG Beatport Releases – Breakbeat – Drum’n'Bass-Electro! All artists available from december!
Stex – Jet Peks – Ottone – Ming… and many others!!!
There are many hot weapons to shot this winter and xmas!
Breakbeat Associate vol.2 – Various artists from Italy, UK, US….
a reunion of a certain style in this compilation breakbeat
Horny Andy, Von Kraig, Dj Kermes, Dasya, Feline Phonic, Slowpop.
All together to make dance in break party club.
From russian: JET PEKS.. keep an eye to this artist:
Jet Peks is the tasty blend of eternal jazz and funk traditions carefully cooked with broken beats. Most of his sound arrangements are based on sampled instruments that make sound rich and impressive.
The first appearance of Jet Peks dates back to 2009, the year his “Funk Me, Whatta Groovy Trip” LP was delivered to the hundreds of music websites for absolutely free.
Funk, jazz, reggae, folk, drum’n'bass, breaks, big beat, groove… It’s all about Jet Peks!
OYeah!Ottone returns with 2 new big breakz and electro releases. Cyber Funk & Labirinh. This is a real old skool sound. Break with electro funk roots. For your secreat BOMB party!! Awesome!!We love this artist.
NRGBOMB TRACK From Stex. FANTASY. We back in 90′s sound remember.
That’s all Folk! We’re proud to presents The Funky Angels Chorus. Total Love vocal,bass, sinths funk 70′s give a big support in 2 versions. 1 house funk and 1 breakz funk.This is groovin!