Time To Funky Charts! June 2011

Checkout my favourites NuFunk and Breakfunk releases!

Track list:
STEX FT KANEDA - Funky Crepes (Original Mix) - Young NRG Productions
NINELIVES THE CAT - Let Me In - Boogie Boutique
CHAMBER - XXL - Young NRG Productions
CHAMBER - Snake Style - Young NRG Productions
BMD - Your Think - Tru Funk
DASYA FEAT STEX - Everybody Baby (Jazzybeat mix) - Young NRG Productions
DJ WOOD - Zimba In The Deep - Boogie Bootique
MORLACK - White Shake - Boogie Bootique
A SKILLZ - Eat My Shorts - Insane Bangers
JAYL FUNK - Let's Dance - Tru Funk