Damage Breaks

Damage Breaks - a promo team, which includes two men, Roman Heineken and Danny.Roman began his career as a DJ and producer in 2007 and appeared at many events in his home town of Nizhnevartovsk in the region, Khanty-Mansiysk (Tyumen Autonomous Region) Danny became interested in electronic music when he was 14 years old. Real, the name of Danny - Denis Akimov, he was born and raised in Estonia in the provincial town of Kohtla-Jarve.. With Denis Roman met in early 2010 at a time Danny started his career as a producer.Joint career guys started in 2011, it then appears promo Damage breaks.The concept of success developed in order to start working and "not to fall face in the dirt."Damage Team Breaks The first method was developed, we can say its mechanism for achieving the best results. Many do not talk about it, because it is small and not very small secrets Breaks damage. Most importantly, do not just drill the heads of people, as well as to penetrate into the atmosphere, listen to opinions, to understand that now might be wondering what will happen to the people of the holiday, what could surprise the audience. Mistakes, of course, are not excluded, but their rapid elimination and reliable solution to the problem provided. And to ensure that mistakes are less and less damage breaks to control what happens in the world DJing, avoiding those failures come upon the other teams.

Damage Breaks-damage consciousness by young nrg productions

Musical direction: Break-beat, Breaks, Dub Step , Nu-Breaks , Booty Breaks.

Skype:Deniss Akimov.
Facebook:Danny Akimov

Country:Estonia (Kohtla-Jarve)
Age:22 (18.06.1989)


Roman Heineken :
Facebook:Roman Heineken

Country:Russia (Nizhnevartovsk)
Age:22 (28.02.1989)


ctivity : Dj , Promoter.

Tracks Damage Breaks:
Damage Breaks - Quantum Alcoholic
Damage Breaks - Little Woozy Girl
Damage Breaks - Fuck The Scotland Yard
Damage Breaks - Not Organic Drugs
Damage Breaks - The Witch
Damage Breaks - In Isolation (Original Mix)
Damage breaks - Madness - (DFA records)
Damage Breaks - Joy

Remixes Damage Breaks:
Zombie Kids - Blow Money Fast (Damage breaks Remix)
Devin Martin - Whalla (Damage Breaks Remix)
Ways & Means - Kick A Hole (Damage breaks Remix)
ElectroBiT feat. Alien Grace - Reanimation (Damage breaks Remix)
The Brainkiller - My Show (Damage breaks Remix)
Stepsonics - Tetris (Damage breaks Remix)
Devin Martin - Whalla (Damage Breaks Remix)
Under This - Trash The Disco (Damage breaks Remix)
Paul Kalkbrenner & Myagi - Sky and Thug (Damage Breaks Bootleg)

E-mail - kidswantbreaks@gmail.com

Technical requirements for performance :
CD Player Pioneer CDJ 2000 Pioneer CDJ 1000 or a Pioneer CDJ 800MK2 (2 items)
DJ mixer Pioneer DJM-800, a Pioneer DJM-600