Breakbeat Associate Vol.6 Out Now Juno & Beatport

Juno Review: The cover artwork may make this look like some kind of 90s trance release, but it's actually a decidedly killer collection of contemporary breakbeat-influenced productions from a selection of up-and-coming artists. There's plenty for breaks/bassheads to sink their teeth into, from the bleep-laden, electro-influenced business of Horny Andy's "Broken Minimal" and the warped, dubstep-rock mash-up madness of Beat Muffin's Damage Breaks re-rub, to the disco-sampling shenanigans of The Random Scarves and Stex's bizarre classical/breaks/electro/jungle cut "Opera 32 Jupiter". Oh, and a punchy electro-breaks remix of Chamber from up-and-coming Bristolian PODGE. Breaks powerhouse Stex returns with two hot new tracks. "Funky Smile" employs a little taste of "Boogie Nights" amongst a slew of heavy bass rumbles and crisp drum shots, while "Get Up Stand Up" is a more groovesome disco-funk number complete with trippy textures floating over the mix.


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Artists: Various
Title: Breakbeat Associate Vol.6
Young NRG Productions

Chamber - "XXL" (PODGE remix) - (05:02)
Damage Breaks - "Applegrub" (Beat Muffin Style remix) - (06:01)
Damage Breaks - "Power Beat" - (04:40)
Horny Andy - "Broken Minimal" - (06:27)
Horny Andy - "Love" - (07:37)
Stex - "Funky Smile" (original Funkylove mix) - (06:54)
Stex - "Get Up Stand Up" (funkybreak mix) - (06:01)
Stex - "Opera32 Jupiter" (Junglebreak orchestral mix) - (05:44)
Stex - "Zoid" (Freak mix) - (06:27)
The Random Scarves - "Angry Eddie" - (06:14)
The Random Scarves - "Let's Go Disco" - (06:15)

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