Stex - Album Preview - Super Funky Nature

Review Junodownload:
Can someone please call Guinness World Records and let them know about Stex? He is, without argument, the most prolific producer on the party breaks scene with album-length releases coming our way on a seemingly monthly basis. Highlights on this particular compendium include the deft use of a well known stripper dance on the opener "Can Can Break", the mashable brew of soul and hip-hop classics on "Bubble Funk" and the evil acid angst on Alien Nation's remix of "AVP". Record maker, record breaker - Stex is truly on fire right now.

It's coming! december 2012 - NRGSFNALBM - Stex "Super Funky Nature" - ALBUM - Young NRG Productions
11 tracks - NuFunk - Liquid - FunkyBreaks - Electro
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