NRG Jan Breakz Funk & ElectroSwing Releases

Review: Here's a good one - next time someone stops and asks you whether you've got the time, slap your headphones on their lugholes and play them this. They'll thank you for it: the only time that matters is "Electro Swing Time", and in their heart they'll know this. Across the whole EP expect to find myriad dusty, crackled piano, brass and woodwind riffs, all looped with jaunty jacking glee. Highlights abound but the slinky snake-charming vibes of Stex's "Bee Bop" and Patty Eagle's juddering funky prohibition homage "Gangster Story" represent the EP with the highest accolades.

Electro Swing Time Young NRG Productions NRGELCSWNGTM

Review: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Young NRG boss Stex continues his unstoppable quest for world funkiness with this pumped up piece of premium party breaks. Bouncing and bounding at a swift 140 and oozing slap bass, purse-lip horn blasts and guitars set at wukka-wukka level 10, his Wine Chees & Funky remix is the sure fire shindig tickler while the Jungle Funky mix adds a little freestyle jazz sensibility and experimental flavour to proceedings. Extra? Stextra more like!