Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarvez - Stex - EARTH RMX

BOOOM! we are proud to present one of the most important releases of the year for Young NRG Productions. Earth Remix - a great partnership with large-djproducer directly from Spain, England, Canada, Italy, Germany. Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarvez - Stex 


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young nrg productions
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Track list:
Earth (remixes) by Stex on Young NRG ProductionsCue Track Stex - Earth (Geon remix) - (5:39) 135 BPM
Earth (remixes) by Stex on Young NRG ProductionsCue Track
Stex - Earth (McTwist Twisty Beats remix) - (5:45) 132 BPM
Earth (remixes) by Stex on Young NRG ProductionsCue Track
Stex - Earth (Jazz K Lipa remix) - (3:13) 134 BPM
Earth (remixes) by Stex on Young NRG ProductionsCue Track
Stex - Earth (The Random Scarves remix) - (4:25) 134 BPM
Earth (remixes) by Stex on Young NRG ProductionsCue Track
Stex - Earth (club vocal remix) - (6:55) 

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Composer, sound engineering, manager producer. Started working in 1989 organizing tours and productions, collaborating with agencies and different radios. He worked with many italian and foreigner musicians. The passion for funky, jazz music, live instruments and intensive vocals resulted in his album “Super Funky Nature” for whom is making music from the latest 10 years…. Stex playful keyboard, congas, piano, synth, drum work jazzy comfortably over the beats and grooves.
He’s currently in Italy where improves his work in Breakbeat / D'n';B and Jungle mixed with Jazz 30′s; 40′s / NuJazz / Lounge / Funk /Ambient / Soundtracks / World etc etc. He also does electro but looks to move more permanently into the Breakbeat / DnB &Jungle and dj chillout direction. IN 2001 Stex opened the independent label and distributions Young NRG Productions.
He playsful keyboard, congas, piano, synth, drum work jazzy comfortably over the beats and grooves, He works in studio with Protools and Logic. He created by himself many productions and alias artists.

Stefano Ricci (Aka Dj Stex ) is one of the Break Electro Funk, Nujazz’s ,Chill, House italian makers, a forefront when all began with Teo Ederle and his crew during 1988, known as the youngest NRG Posse. He’s the figure behind Dasya & GLP. (He’s him behind Dasya)… He arguably produced more chill music tracks than other breaker’s DNB and launched into a worldwide many musical genres. Stex carved himself a great career, laying his roots firmly within the realm of Electro scene.
His label Young NRG Productions.
One of the most innovative labels in Italy, officially started in 2001 but established in 1989, is one of the few that creates an international music networking. Founder and manager of Young NRG Stefano Ricci (aka Dj Stex), together with Teo Ederle, founder of Lao-tsu Productions.

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On this occasion, we present an Andalusian producer, more specifically Malaga, which is making waves in the music front Breaks is concerned, thanks to recent productions published since their collaboration on vari
ous labels worldwide.
Not talking about none other than Geon. It is not uncommon to hear in his productions or dark atmospheres hypnotic sounds, sequences combined with cheerful and fresh, it has the ability and has the creativity to mix in the same production the purest
Dark Beatz American style with more vacilón Breaks and so beloved in the south.
He has succeeded in publishing numerous seals, both inside and outside our country, such as Dirty Drops Records Ego Shot Recordings, VIM recordos, bombtrax records, Digital Sensations, Rune Recordings conseguiendo placed in high position on beatport, the largest number of web downloads worldwide. Currently working with famed producer and asked Colombo in ACID RECORDS label it belongs with whom I have taken several references and remixes with very good quality as we have acostumbrados.Estos reasons, and some surprises that will soon see the light , make today a producer Geon to consider and gradually work it obtains the recognition he deserves.

Ryan McTwist Krawec

Since early 1999, 
McTwist has evolved a sound over the years to one distinctly his own. His musical background as a drummer allowed him to pick up djing easily and he is taking his gift and running with it. He is a breaks pioneer in his home town of Calgary, AB and has helped pave the way for many talented djs. His sets are ever changing and range all the way from hip hop to drum and bass and hitting most genres in between while focusing on his true passion of Breaks. His flow from one style to another is undeniably smooth. He can mix, he can scratch and he can shake his booty, there is never a dull moment when watching or listening to one of McTwist's set. With, a pulled down low, flat brim hat on his head and always with a smile, he really gets the crowd into the sets. He has played along side many giants in electronic music such as; The Freestylers, Deekline, Donald Glaude, A-Track, Robb G and many others.

Since 2005, Ryan (McTwist) has hosted an internet radio show which has since moved to This show is broadcast all over the planet and has recently received recognition from the world breakbeat community by being nominated for Best Radio Show in the 2011 Breakspoll awards. His work in the studio has produced several of his own releases,with his most recent "Dream 2 Step" on Breakz R Boss Records (recently nominated in the Top 5 in best new label at Breakspoll 2012) which was remixed by Kraymon, Manu Twister, HNoize and Drkwtr. Not only has he done originals but has a few remixes under his belt on Breakz R Boss records, Crux, Rapid Fire Records.

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UK-based production, event management and DJ outfit, specialising in a unique and often twisted brand of bassfunk!!



It's booty time... German style! Lipa's vibes have been felt across nu funk floors far and wide. While leaning towards the more authentic, original-material side of scene here he's showing the pretenders how to do mash things up good and proper. 


  1. OUT NOW Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarves - Stex - Earth (Remixes) - Exclusive Junodownload - from 19th July Beatport - 9th Aug iTunes - NRGERMXVA - Young NRG Productions


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