Inside Young NRG Productions - 2nd day - Interview with The Random Scarves (UK)

UK-based production, event management and DJ outfit, specialising in a unique and often twisted brand of bassfunk!!

We are The Random Scarves from Portsmouth, UK.
Purveyors of bass infused grooves and sharp edgy beats, unrestricted by BPM or genre!!

Could you please describe your current studio setup?

In one word OLD!! :o)
We are still stuck in 2003 using Cubase SX3, Kontakt 2 and a variety of soft synths and plug-in effects.
Essential pieces of equipment are our ears, Mackie HR624s, our extensive collection of sample packs and tea and biscuits.

How would describe your own production signature?

Upbeat, bouncey, musicality and a wee bit lo-fi!

Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?

This is such a hard question as it depends on what the influence is... Simply put...

Dj Shadow for emotional production and creativity in ideas and production.
Feed Me for massive production values combined with musicality.
VVV for soundscape creation and sound design inspiration.
Juston Martin for straight up groove work.
AND Lowkey (we know he isn't a producer but hey!) for keeping it real and serious mental inspiration.

how is your work day?

We both have quite intense full time jobs which take up a lot of time and Jim has just had a little baby girl! Congratulations JIM!
So our work day is normally very long and we simply don't sleep to make sure we have time to make music!
We fit in sessions in the studio when we can and make sure that we use the little time we have effectively!!

what is your best production at the time and that of all the times you've produced?

Our latest releases on Young NRG are going to be the best music we have produced so far.
We have finally started to properly create the ideas, sounds and style that we have been trying to create for a long time.
We feel they are the best mixture of production values, unique styles and our own personal preferences we have ever been able to create!
Look out for the Troupadore EP and Medium Rare EP coming soon on YOung NRG!

When did you first get into electronic music?

We have been involved in electronic music for so long now and have had so many amazing massive nights either DJing or attending events.
It is hard to remember when it all started to be honest...

Is there anyone you’re planning to work with next release?

We have been concentrating on our own solo work recently and have not collaborated with anyone for a while.
We have been chatting with Udy and Elliot Gregg who form Gaur regarding some work together but they are busy chaps too so we haven't managed to book in studio session yet.
We would love to work with Paul Baron aka Mafia Kiss as his style and general swag are just immense! Plus he is down the road in Bournemouth so we won't have to travel too far!! ;o)

What is the one piece of equipment in your studio that is the most valuable to you?

One plug-in we cannot live without is Voxengo GlissEQ.
It is useful for every situation and the different dynamic effects allow eqing on peaks/transients, gullys, harmonics or just straight forward linear EQing depending on what is required!

What proportion of time do you spend collaborating as opposed to working on solo material?

We have never really collaborated with many people in the past, mainly due to our need for complete megalomaniac control over every detail!!
Only kidding, mainly it is just time. As mentioned previously, we have little time to work in the studio so we like to concentrate that time on progressing our own sound rather than collaborating.
Now we have got to a point where we are solidifying a "Scarves" sound, we feel we could branch out and collaborate as well. You need to have a musical identity to be able to collaborate after all!!