Inside Young NRG Productions - 3rd Day - Interview with McTwist

Since early 1999,
McTwist has evolved a sound over the years to one distinctly his own. His musical background as a drummer allowed him to pick up djing easily and he is taking his gift and running with it. He is a breaks pioneer in his home town of Calgary, AB and has helped pave the way for many talented djs. His sets are ever changing and range all the way from hip hop to drum and bass and hitting most genres in between while focusing on his true passion of Breaks. His flow from one style to another is undeniably smooth. He can mix, he can scratch and he can shake his booty, there is never a dull moment when watching or listening to one of McTwist's set. With, a pulled down low, flat brim hat on his head and always with a smile, he really gets the crowd into the sets. He has played along side many giants in electronic music such as; The Freestylers, Deekline, Donald Glaude, A-Track, Robb G and many others.

Since 2005, Ryan (McTwist) has hosted an internet radio show which has since moved to This show is broadcast all over the planet and has recently received recognition from the world breakbeat community by being nominated for Best Radio Show in the 2011 Breakspoll awards. His work in the studio has produced several of his own releases,with his most recent "Dream 2 Step" on Breakz R Boss Records (recently nominated in the Top 5 in best new label at Breakspoll 2012) which was remixed by Kraymon, Manu Twister, HNoize and Drkwtr. Not only has he done originals but has a few remixes under his belt on Breakz R Boss records, Crux, Rapid Fire Records.

Yo what's shakin' I am McTwist aka. Twisty Beats, the breaks rocker from the great white north. Bringing you some serious flavour with anything broken with a splash of funk in everything.

Could you please describe your current studio setup?

Well 2 techs, and Ecler Hak 380, a couple dicers, my apple lappy. And then there's the pc I run Ableton on, with which I have a Korg Micro X and some other fun ish on the pc.

How would describe your own production signature?

Its a mix of florida and funky breaks. Something a little less ordinary. Not too heavy but not too hard. Something to make the ladies shake it.

Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?

Well I have been heavily influenced by the US producers ICEY, Volume, Fixx, Keith Mackenzie as well as guys like the Stanton Warriors and The Plump Djs. I do love a good house tune though so guys like Dj Dan and a few others have helped me mold my sound.

how is your work day?

I have a monday to friday job as an electrician so, the work day is pretty packed. Getting home to make beats is a serious good thing.

what is your best production at the time and that of all the times you've produced?

Well I keep improving with my productions. At most recent I have a new tune that will be coming out soon called At the Ready. Its a definite different venture that I feel is pretty awesome. My newest remix I did for my man Stex, Earth, is a really good one. My collab with Keith Mackenzie and Dj Fixx to make Petrol, which hit number 11 on the beatport chart was an awesome one too.

When did you first get into electronic music?


Is there anyone you’re planning to work with next release?

I`d like to work with a lot of people. Probably Keith Mackenzie and Dj Fixx again and hopefully some more stuff with my man Stex.

What is the one piece of equipment in your studio that is the most valuable to you?

I can`t say I have a favourite piece because they are all my favourite pieces. Without them I would have nothing. Individually they are good, but as a whole they are amazing.

What proportion of time do you spend collaborating as opposed to working on solo material?

Most of my time is spent on solo ventures but I am always open to collab with people.