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Do It Yourself
14 Jan 11

Review: A new breaks duo from Brighton comprising Alex Retina and James D'Lea, Original Source make waves with this new release on Young NRG. "Do It Yourself" features some distinctive snare work on the breakdowns, while they slowly ramp things up for the drop. Just as good is "Fantasy" which sports some fine filter work before once again dropping into some exceedingly chunky b-lines.


22 Jan 11

Juno Recommends Breakbeat

Review: A pleasingly varied set of mixes of Italian breaks outfit Feline Phonic includes the Stereophonik mix of Reborn, which works in one of the most tripped-out and spacey breakdowns you're likely to hear for a while, along with two new mixes of "Split". Funkybaby take "Split" and give it deep Balearic mainroom vibes, while Feline Phonic's own mix comes in on a heavy nu-funk tip.

Bomb Jack

24 Feb 11

Review: Three new tunes from electro-breaks smasher Stex, who fuses together trance-acid synths, thick breakbeat drums and cuts from M.I.A's "Bucky Done Gun" into a sick breaks builder on the title tune. With vocoder layers and a brief tempo drop built in, it's a real standout, as is the Tom & Cat mix of another Stex original, "Start Mission". Cutting to some warped organ chords, the drums briefly let up before an absolute cavalcade of stacked snares ushers in the drop. Huge stuff.


04 Apr 11

Review: A turbo-charged new electro-smasher from Stex, who drops his latest jam, "Rocket", on Young NRG backed with a remix from Rolling. While the original is a chunky, breakbeat-meets-electro worker with some insane drop-outs midway through, Rolling's remix will be the choice of real breaks heads, with frantic drums and subtle wobble bass making this perfect peak-time mixing material.

Breakbeat Associate Vol 3

07 May 11

Review: Pooling a wide range of producers from Italy, Columbia, Britain, America and beyond, Young NRG have put together the third volume of their breakbeat bulletin in style. There's a real mix of styles on offer; the funky side of breaks gets covered with some big tunes from Feline Phonic, who aren't afraid to get their samples out and rock the "Funky Drummer" beat on "Reborn". On a more militant tip however, House De La Funk's "No Way" is a masterclass of spooked, hardcore synths, while Original Source's "Spool" is classic mangled and twisted breaks magic that DJs will go ape for

Official Privilege Vol 3

18 May 11

Juno Recommends Downtempo/Balearic

Review: A highly original collaboration between Dasya and Stex on Young NRG, featuring a fascinating cover of The Rolling Stones' "Miss You" done via swooping Eastern strings and slow jazz beats. Elsewhere, there's the hectic IDM of "Baby Of Boss" which recalls 4Hero in their prime, the breaks/house hybrid of "Push The Funk", and even the chilled out string stabs scattered through the languid "Chill & Dub" mix of "Venice" to really get stuck into. A varied yet very accomplished collection.

Everybody Baby

27 May 11

Review: Putting a fresh spin on jazz from the 1930s, Dasya and Stex from Young NRG have a blast on this latest single, "Everybody Baby", which provides a radical excursion into the more chaotic and hectic end of electro-swing. Adding layers of sub-punching bass, dirty driving kicks and smash 'n' grab drum samples, the pair loop up the playful sampled trumpets and throw in the odd vocal refrain whilst retaining the scattergun fun.


31 May 11

Review: Winner of Best New DJ at Breakspoll this year, Chamber's clearly on his way to a pretty outstanding 2011. "XXL" only confirms that - an enormous tune that not only packs the mix with winding, distorted synths that'll get your blood pumping immediately, it also has one of the most effortless tempo drops we've heard for a long while. Bumping down to 100bpm makes it a stand out, and the inevitable climb back up to full speed is an equally genius moment too. Combined with the electroid stomper "Snake Style" on the flipside, this single on Young NRG comes highly rated indeed.

Disco Robot

07 Jun 11

Review: New from funky-breaks honcho Stex comes this fun and fresh journey through a clutch of samples, bubbly synths and old-school drum machines. This new mix (entitled the Old Skool Funky mix) drops snippets of b-boy classics ("The Grunt", "The Funky Drummer" etc) over a Prosac-happy soundbed of filtered funk and sub-punishing synthlines. Stex doesn't let it get boring for a second and uses his supreme cut 'n' paste skills to liven up every second.

Funky Time

21 Jun 11

Juno Recommends Breakbeat

Review: Blending disco and thumping breakbeat for this new release on Young NRG, Stex's "Boogiebomb" has a trace of Lipps Inc's "Funky Town" running through its veins, as well as plenty of pumping synth work and some chunky drums mixed in too. His Breakfunk mix goes for a more light touch, while the Funkybreak DJ edit opts for more trancey leads shadowing that familiar and much-loved bassline.


27 Jun 11

Review: Two further mixes of Stex's Lipps Inc-sampling "Boogiebomb", following on from Young NRG's recent release of this funky breaks heater. The punningly-titled "Funk In Town" mix classily mixes that famous bassline with frantic vocal loops from the original, keeping you firmly rooted and hyped the whole way. There's also an edit which squashes all of the thrills into a much shorter amount of time for trigger-happy DJs

Super Pupa Funky

14 Aug 11

Juno Recommends Breakbeat

Review: Cut 'n' paste breakbeat at its best from Stex, as he smashes together a huge range of sounds over these three new mixes. "Express" mixes both S'Express' "Theme From S'Express" and its sample-source, Rose Royce's "Is It Love..." over huge bass and beats, while "Get Wicked" plunders a variety of b-boy favourites (Public Enemy and DJ Kool in particular) and The Jackson Sisters' "I Believe In Miracles" gets stretched out and chopped on title tune "Super Pupa Funky".

Over (includes FREE TRACK) - The Album
21 Sep 11

Review: Young NRG's resident breaks master Stex blends funk, disco and breakbeat with aplomb on this latest set of bangers - featuring the "Funky Town" groove of "Boogiebomb", the glitterball 'n' bass stomp of "Disco Robot" as well as hip-hop party starters like "Get Wicked" and "Puppet". As a refreshing change of direction though, "Deep" is a slow-burning house-inspired gem that creates an intense groove thanks to some reverbed chords and dubby vocals.

WM 18
17 Oct 11

Review: Not much is known about the mysterious Japanese producers behind Miss Big Tits, but they cook up a pretty classy and tight beat on "Lady Break" - fleshed out nicely with speaker-rattling bass hits and a breaks-friendly, trance-evoking synthline that's kept thrillingly minimal. "Mr Big Tits" however is a more cosmic monster that throws in some big vocals and some rising filter samples thrown over a neon-coated beat.

Funky Extreme

14 Nov 11

Review: More funky breaks bizniss from Young NRG's Stex, who cooks up two new bangers on this latest single. "Funkadeliko" is a frantic cut 'n' paste delight with billowing brass loops and popcorn-style funk rhythms all meshed together in style, while "Funky Extreme" loops up a previously un-mined JB classic into an irresistible party starter.

Lunch Breaks Part 2
17 Dec 11

Review: A UK production duo who have a fondness for bassed-up breaks, The Random Scarves return to Young NRG for Part 2 of their "Lunch Breaks" series with these two new bangers. "Primordial Soup" sounds exactly how the title suggests - a murky, fleshed-out tune with thick waves of bass layered over punchy kicks and snares - while "Retrospect" is strictly one for the mentalists, with a brilliantly hectic drum pattern carrying a descending glitch-melody.

The Funkabolic Experiment

19 Dec 11
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

Juno Recommends Brokenbeat/Nu Jazz

Review: A rowdy hook up between Swiss producer Bashboomb and Italian Balkan band Radiozastava results in this lovely new release from Young NRG, which sees clarinet hooks go toe-to-toe with acapella loops of Rakim on "Anastasia", billowing brass resting over sampled funk breaks on "Good Elevators" and jacking deep house getting a dubby klezmer treatment on the excellent "Minkien".

Breakbeat Associate Vol 5
01 Jan 12

Juno Recommends Breakbeat, Juno Recommends Euro/Pop

Review: New from the Young NRG label, this third compilation of breaks/disco/funk bangers makes for a pleasantly varied listen - whether it be the klezmer-meets-hip hop fusion of Bashboom vs Radiozastava's "Anastasia", the nu-funk breaks of Damage Breaks' "Android" or HB's mix of Stex's Hamilton Bohannon-sampling "Let's Start The Funk". On less of a funky tip, Random Scarves' "Primordial Soup" keeps things deep and astral thanks to some glowing textures mixed with thick bass beats.

Lunch Breaks Part 3
14 Jan 12

Review: UK producer pairing The Random Scarves turn out the third in their series of Lunch Breaks for the Young NRG label, with two new inventive and forward-thinking breaks bass smashers. "Let's Go Disco" is a fiery and crunchy intergalactic worker that balances soft, string pads with militant dubstep-influenced bass and stuttering leads. "Angry Eddie" continues in the same aggy way, with some serious wobbles layered with some equally harsh vocal shots.

Broken Minimal
13 Feb 12

Review: Breaks powerhouse Stex returns with two hot new tracks for the Young NRG label. "Funky Smile" employs a little taste of "Boogie Nights" amongst a slew of heavy bass rumbles and crisp drum shots, while "Get Up Stand Up" is a more groovesome disco-funk number complete with trippy textures floating over the mix.

Breakbeat Associate Vol 6
07 Mar 12

Review: The cover artwork may make this look like some kind of 90s trance release, but it's actually a decidedly killer collection of contemporary breakbeat-influenced productions from a selection of up-and-coming artists. There's plenty for breaks/bassheads to sink their teeth into, from the bleep-laden, electro-influenced business of Horny Andy's "Broken Minimal" and the warped, dubstep-rock mash-up madness of Beat Muffin's Damage Breaks re-rub, to the disco-sampling shenanigans of The Random Scarves and Stex's bizarre classical/breaks/electro/jungle cut "Opera 32 Jupiter". Oh, and a punchy electro-breaks remix of Chamber from up-and-coming Bristolian PODGE.

Lunch Breaks Part 4
26 Mar 12

Review: Vibrant luncheon munching abounds as The Random Scarves serve up their fourth musical menu. Inviting Matt Wizard to the table for this audio adventure, both the original "Jumanji" and The Scarves' own remix are interesting pieces that defy the usual categorisation. The original is especially interesting; short but sonically sweet, it fuses electro and dubstep in a most understated way. "No Grey Areas" completes the set with a manic, wild-eyed grin as demented synth stabs impishly punch away over a walloping 4/4 beat. We want to have lunch with The Random Scarves - much more interesting than the soggy sarnies in the Juno canteen!

Boom Boom Funk
02 Apr 12

Review: Boundless sample-craft is at play throughout this 13 track album as Young NRG founder Stex gets up, stands up and struts his funky stuff. Mischievously messing with the likes of the BeeGees, Frantique and James Brown, his party-minded abandon creates a sense of surprise with every track where basslines fire away with no warning whatsoever and rhythms switch wildly, much to the delight of your dancefloor. With a variety of flavours and appearances from fellow label players The Random Scarves, Hydrator and Horny Andy, it's quite the collection. Shucks, he even finds time to apply his party-know how to classical composer Holst. Now that's what we call old school!

Backed By Dope Beats
30 Apr 12

Review: Here's an interesting proposition: a brand new dancefloor hip-hop cut based around the famous groove sampled for King Bee's "Back By Dope Demand". The new rap vocals are pretty tidy, while the groove is pepped up by some particularly large military drum fills and jazzwise percussion solos. Breathing new life into something so famous is tough but EZ Icarus and Octopus have done a very good job. Flip for "Sunshine", a loose and snappy rework of Spanky Wilson's ace version of "Sunshine Of Your Love". Both cuts are short and sweet, but pack enough punch to suggest major rotations in all-action sets.

Lunch Breaks Part 5
30 Apr 12

Review: "The Random Scarves" is a great artist name, if more than a little odd. Musically, there's little odd about the two tracks on show. Typically for Young NRG Productions, they're booming and floor-friendly, boasting energetic but neatly programmed breaks that should appeal to those who want their cuts to come with a touch of subtlety. Both cuts revolve around wobbling, gnarly basslines and fuzzy guitar riffs. While "Sub Parade" has a touch of rave about it - check those old skool stabs and riffs - it's "Cunning" that stands out. Haevier and blessed with some growling screams, it rocks harder than Keith Richards after a week-long bender.

Funky Dog
07 May 12

Review: Barely a month has passed since Stex shoved his bulging Boom Boom Funk album under our noses and he's at it again. Raw funk power is at play here. Imagine Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings tonked up on crack and steroids, having a massive arm wrestling match to the brutal soundtrack of early Prodigy. Yeah, it really is like that. Very few breakbeat funk records have such a ridiculous bottom end presence and piercing percussion. But this does; twice! Stex's own "Electrobreak" mix is even ruder, complete with added sirens and even more of those punishing drums. Get on the scene; like a Stex machine!

Fat Burger
07 Jul 12

Review: Great title, and music meaty enough to match... Stex, as always, has come through a breakbeat track that presses all the right buttons. Groove? Check. Funk? Check. Plump beats? Double check. Drama? Check. You get the picture. Loaded with cool effects and a twisted breakdown, this burger needs munching ASAP. Those looking for a deeper, more trance-tinged rework should look directly to Aztek's remix. Rolling on a classic old school break and coated with icy acid licks, it's the perfect counter to Stex's beefy beat fest. Let's tuck in!

Play Funk With My Beat
21 Jul 12

Review: And now for a little Stexy time. One of the most prolific breaks producers to emerge from Italy since Santos, barely a month passes without another session of his wily and whimsical party concoctions. "Play Funk With My Beat" includes a few old faves ("Funky Dog" and "Fat Burger") which bump and grind alongside new tracks such three new remixes of "Funky In The Street" by Jazz K Lipa, Funky City and Ez Funkin and, our favourite, "Bizarre", an uptempo freak out which rattles us back to the good old 80s thanks to a diced and spliced version of Duran Duran's "Reflex". A party must-have, it's guaranteed to coax those oldies onto the floor!

The Plugger
24 Sep 12

Review: Here's a fact for you: Young NRG label boss Stex never sleeps. Seriously... How else can he churn out so many party pieces? We'll save the sermon on how a good night's kip helps to lead a healthy life; when the music's this funky, who are we to argue? Eight cuts in total, The Plugger is Stex at his freestyle best: breakbeat-busting, sample-sucking fly-by-night bullets loaded with cheeky twists and turns. From the switch from organic live drums to tight-knit two-step on album opener "Don't Stop Time" to the savage, beast-like bass riff and early Fatboy-style jauntiness of "Cmon Baby", Stex has covered all bass bases with style and aplomb. The only thing missing is your dancefloor!

Don't Stop (The remixes)
10 Oct 12

Review: Taken from his album The Plugger, "Don't Stop" comes with a clutch of remixes, each one guaranteed to set a different stage of your party alight. The McTwist remix is for that moment when warm up becomes the show down... The tempo is still low but the energy certainly isn't. Tosses & Varvez's remix is for about an hour later; the dancefloor is filling and you need a reliable groove that doesn't go too over the top, but keeps peeps bubbling. Naturally Jazz K Lippa's remix is for the peak time; upbeat and sprung with a rude bass undertone, this will raise more than a few whoops. Finally the Time To Funky remix. A conga-fuelled freakout, you could drop this at any point of the night and watch the chaos ensue. Listen to the man: do not stop!

Breakbeat Associate Vol 8
05 Nov 12

Review: Easily one of the most prolific labels in the nu funk field, Stex's Young NRG Productions dish up another smorgasboard of party pieces. The third in the "Breakbeat Associates 8" this year, this collection of previously released tracks and newbies runs the groove gamut from madcap Ray Parker Junior bashing "Ez Ghost Busterz" to Jazz K Lippa's barn-storming electrobreaks reversion of "Don't Stop". Other highlights include the fuzzy low-fi funk of Alpha1's rub of "Lost In Spacefunk" and the hardy horn work on Stex's own "WLTF". Get associated.

12 Nov 12

Review: While the lion's share of Young NRG Productions' output tastes of fruity-funk and primed party pieces, there's a darker side to the Italian label's output. And, nine times out of ten, it comes directly from the twisted minds of Damage Breaks. Their version of "AVP" is like a slowed down Concorde Dawn record, or Ils meets Ed 209 down a dark alley. Meanwhile, Stex's version is rounder, chubbier affair but, thanks to farting filter on the bass melody it still creates major screwfaces whenever dropped. Big.

Super Funky Nature
01 Dec 12

Review: Can someone please call Guinness World Records and let them know about Stex? He is, without argument, the most prolific producer on the party breaks scene with album-length releases coming our way on a seemingly monthly basis. Highlights on this particular compendium include the deft use of a well known stripper dance on the opener "Can Can Break", the mashable brew of soul and hip-hop classics on "Bubble Funk" and the evil acid angst on Alien Nation's remix of "AVP". Record maker, record breaker - Stex is truly on fire right now.

Last Pharaon: The Remixes
11 Dec 12

Review: And so the unstoppable Stex machine continues to grasp the nu-funk and breaks scenes with unrivalled energy and attitude. Here we find him handing over the controls for a remix package of noxious proportions. "Last Pharaon" featured on his Super Funky Nation album last month and here it's been re-touched by Horny Andy (classic elastic breaks with just a dash of electro), The Random Scarves (deeper and dramatic with just a dash of acid) Kit Carson (b-boy rave with just a dash of techno) and Pump The Break (pensive and precise, not dissimilar to early Evil Nine).

You Are Funky
07 Jan 13

Review: And so the most prolific producer the breaks scene has ever seen continues his funk assault. This time he's taken Trouble Funk's seminal "Drop The Bomb" and given us the choice of two different re-takes. The Go Go remix relies heavily on the bass and vocals while the Bomb Funky uses the main riff and percussion. Just check those swinging live drum rolls and you'll be hooked.

Analog Beat
07 Jan 13

Review: Known more for his party-fuelled sample mastery, here we find Stex operating on a much ravier flex with the able assistance of Kit Carson. Bubbling acid, classic synths and retro ambient twinkles are the order of the day, leaving us floundering somewhere in Orbital's fridge or LFO's sock drawer. Kit's own remix is a much spikier affair with rusty hi-hats and more assertive top-end hook. Naughty.

14 Jan 13
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz

Review: In 1989, the seeds of Italy's long-running Young NRG label were originally sown by Acid Jazz enthusiast Stefano Ricci (aka DJ Stex). Back in the 90s he hooked up with fellow jazz fan Teo Ederle to create the Dasya project. Since then they claim that their sounds has evolved from electroclash and jungle(!), but always stays true to their 'hip-jazz roots'. This new single is certainly a universe away from the former genres, and instead displays a more mature, downtempo approach. Over the five tracks we get shimmering broken beat ("Blefuscudian"), trippy bhangra ("Gulliver"), loungey funk ("King") and blissed-out slo-jazz ("Sgregk").

Electro Swing Time
19 Jan 13

Review: Here's a good one - next time someone stops and asks you whether you've got the time, slap your headphones on their lugholes and play them this. They'll thank you for it: the only time that matters is "Electro Swing Time", and in their heart they'll know this. Across the whole EP expect to find myriad dusty, crackled piano, brass and woodwind riffs, all looped with jaunty jacking glee. Highlights abound but the slinky snake-charming vibes of Stex's "Bee Bop" and Patty Eagle's juddering funky prohibition homage "Gangster Story" represent the EP with the highest accolades.

21 Jan 13

Review: Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Young NRG boss Stex continues his unstoppable quest for world funkiness with this pumped up piece of premium party breaks. Bouncing and bounding at a swift 140 and oozing slap bass, purse-lip horn blasts and guitars set at wukka-wukka level 10, his Wine Chees & Funky remix is the sure fire shindig tickler while the Jungle Funky mix adds a little freestyle jazz sensibility and experimental flavour to proceedings. Extra? Stextra more like!

Bungee Funking
04 Feb 13

Review: Bungee funking? Now there's a sport we've not tried yet. What does it involve? Judging by the frazzled, frenetic funk on offer here, bungee funking must entail a buzz on a bungee jump while playing a massive call-to-action trumpet riff, or slamming out a sweet swing breakbeat on the drums, or razzing out a parptastic p-funk jam on the bass, or chewing away on a tasty talkbox - wow! The extreme methods Stex will do to make a tune these days is beyond us...

Gimme Da Funk
14 Feb 13

Review: There's something full-throated and breathless about Stex's "Gimme Da Funk". A nuggety breakbeat roller, its built around formidable funk bass and waves of Fatboy Slim-esque electronic tweakery. Norman Cook comparisons are pretty accurate; there's something of the halcyon days about it, and the cheeky vocal recalls Mr Cook's work with Bootsy Collins. The Electro Edition mix breaks up the beats, building pressure thanks to a shuffling, off-kilter drum pattern and some mighty vocal edits. It's more spacious than the original, but equally as big. A pleasing blast from the past, all told.

07 Apr 13

Review: Homeboy Stex lands on his favourite Young NRG Productions for another hip-twisting, ear-shattering house-breaks appointment. This time we get the original mix, a 4/4 bric-a-brac of shuffling percussion, squawking low frequencies, sci-fi atmospherics and breaky electro tones, surely making this an instant classic on whichever dance floor it lays its clutches on. However, the Filter Tribal remix is the one, and it makes the arrangement even more of a pleasure to listen to, adding in a fine concoction of straight hi-hats and, well...delightful tribal bongo drums!

29 Apr 13

Review: Young NRG boss Stex continues his party-primed planetary series with "Mars". A little more sedate and understated than his usual swag, "Mars" thumps softly with a warm kick drum pattern and subtle use of a string sample. Hankering for Stex's more trademark chaos? Don your white gloves, toot that whistle as loud as you can and jump straight on his "Acid Break" remix. Heavy.

15 May 13

Review: Stex's journey around the solar system touches down closer to home as we hit "Earth". With the jaunty, glitchy acid-based groove you could be fooled into thinking the landing will be bumpy, but with a heaven-sent synth blast on the drop, it's actually one of Stex's smoothest inter-planetary connections to date. Looking to land with a little more glamour and mischief? Head for the percussion heavy vocal version. Happy landings!

BreakUp EP
21 May 13

Review: How are your air slap bass skills? You best polish up as you're going to need them. "The Rhyme Weapon" oozes funk before we even get to the spitfire party-pimped vocal sermon. "Assault" takes this flavour and translates it through synth-bass. Rolling with the same pummelling breakbeat swing but with instrumental clarity and edge, if you didn't know any better you'd say it's a Rennie Pilgrem joint. "Drive" finishes the set with scratchy, croaky bass slurs, hints of acid and more of an organic swashbuckle to the beats. Quintessential breakbeat.

Earth (remixes)
06 Jul 13

Review: The uber-prolific Stex wraps up his planet series with a clutch of killer remixes of his cut n' choppy "Earth". Geon goes straight for the breakbeat G-spot with a pumping tech funk remix that's not dissimilar to Elite Force's material, McTwist's remix opts for a more playful jam with a killer build up and a classic Finger Lickin' style bass riff, Jazz K Lipa's rendition is more contemporary with plenty of high-end bleeps and whistles while The Random Scarves give it a beastly 4/4 electro facelift.

Another Time
01 Dec 13

Review: Nirvana seem to have avoided the all-consuming bootleg machine. With the exception of a few rubs of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" they've remained relatively untouched - until now. The clue's in the nom-de-plume: the unidentifiable K Kobain takes "Drain You", twists Cobain's sermon into a heart-shaped sine wave and fuses it with walloping, industrial strength breakbeats, cheeky LFO-style bleeps and snappy, snarling grater-bass. With serious attention paid to the razor-riddim, this certainly isn't your standard 'cut n shut' style bootleg. There's even an instrumental to show just how heavy the groove is. Exceptional.

One More Time
NRG 1405
08 Feb 14
Funky/Club House

Juno Recommends Funky House

Review: Young NRG Productions commander-in-chief Stex comes up with three blistering new forays into the glitchier, more electro side of sample-based breakbeat. This guy is always on top form and he's released an ocean of good stuff, but "One More Time" must be the illest, quasi-house excursion we've seen from the man - bouncy funk basslines and a gorgeous 4/4 kick for all your DJ needs! The Club Mix inserts a substantially more electronic vibe to the equation and a couple of killer vocoders to boot. The Dub Version is definitely our favourite though - those rickety, shuffling beats just stand clearer and prouder in the mix.

The Best Of Disco Funk
NRG 1411
15 Mar 14

Review: Young NRG founder Stefano Ricci (AKA Stex) has been producing and releasing music since the 1990s, both on his own and with regular collaborator Teo Ederle under the Dasya guise. Here, Ricci presents a bumper selection of disco-funk inspired tracks from his personal archives. Musically it's surprisingly diverse, offering a mix of tweaked re-edits (see "Turn The Funky On"), cut-up disco-house jams featuring familiar disco and boogie samples ("Just in Analog", "Funkin 4U") and occasional forays into strutting funk breaks (the James Brown-biting "Big Mama Funky"). In essence, it's basically a collection of tried-and-tested DJ tools for disco loving house DJs.

NRG 1415
31 Mar 14

Review: Is this breakbeat? Is this psy-trance? Both... It's a flipping great record that will resonate with DJs from all corners of the dance. "Antartik" is all about the acid: layers and layers of the stuff, interweaving over a steady series of swaying, splashing beats and deep bulbous bass. Rolling with heady depths, it's one of those tunes that envelop you for its entirety and, as it ends, you wonder where you've been for the last five minutes. Bona fide journey business.