Vote Breakspoll 2014 - Damage Breaks -The Witch - Freedownload

Cast your vote in the 2014 Breakspoll Awards
Best Track: Damage Breaks -The Witch - Young NRG Productions
Best Label: Young NRG
Breaktrough Producer: Stex
Best Website: The Lost Art
Best Radio: The Lost Art
Voting begins now – so cast your all important vote and help decide who will come top in this years International Breakbeat Awards. We’ve used “shortlists” for some categories to help people find their favourites from 2013, but if what you are looking for isn’t listed, select “Other” and you will be able to input your own choice.
Vote carefully – you can only vote ONCE. We use advanced techniques to catch any cheaters, and if you submit multiple votes, ALL your votes will be deleted. You have been warned!
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