Inside Young NRG Productions - 4th day - Interview with - Ian Halsall London (UK)

Ian Halsall 
London, Britain (UK)

Could you please describe your current studio setup?

Ableton Live 9 64 bit windows 7 old pc from 2008
midi keyboard
Native Instruments Massive, Reaktor, Kontakt, FM8, Sugarbytes for glitches
Purely software based - no hardware synths
AKG 271 cans - the original ones now falling apart
NS10M monitors 
Pencil sharpener

How would describe your own production signature?

I hope it's uplifting!

Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?

Andy Weatherall - may favourite is a remix he did for Love Corporation called "Give Me Some Love" - a 10 minutes long monster - super trippy

how is your work day?

busy - computers everywhere and I spend too much time on twitter and soundcloud instead of making music!

what is your best production at the time and that of all the times you've produced?

it's probably "Feel It" - hard, sparse, relentless, uplifting and dark

or maybe "Bounce V4"
you have to listen to the end to get the full effect on this one - I am quite proud of the end of this track

When did you first get into electronic music?

about 1980 - like Joy  Division, Human League, New Order (later), Spizz Energy, OMD, Throbbing Gristle etc....

What is the one piece of equipment in your studio that is the most valuable to you?

it's my computer.

Is there anyone you’re planning to work with next release?

People just popup all the time I meet them on twitter listen to their vocals and if I like it I offer to rework the track (I never even speak to them - this kind of suits me because I like to remain fairly secretive).

What proportion of time do you spend collaborating as opposed to working on solo material?