Inside Young NRG Productions - Interview with - Scratche (Canada)

ScratchE a.k.a. James Green has been DJing for almost a decade. Playing clubs and events through out North America. While residing in the Tri City Area, Scratche has developed a unique breaks sound energized by all genres. While he has spun at intimate parties all over Ontario, he got his break with a Fresh Entertainment residency in Revolution Nightclub’s Purple Room. He was Co- creator of Reddi Supply Productions, a company that has thrown small events locally throughout the Tri Cities in Southwestern Ontario. His release in 2002 of, “Dude Where’s My Crossfader ?” which received respectable reviews in Tribe Magazine. Also releasing original work and remixes on various labels, Breaks R Boss, Promo Records, Champion Beats to list a few. Around 2009 with the birth of James son he decided to take some time off from djing and producing and focus on family. Now with some renewed inspiration ScratchE has gone back in the studio. Bringing Forthcoming Remixes and Original Releases in 2014 on TrueSpin Records & WesternBlock Recordings plus more ... Also giveaways from his person vault to share with fans and friends alike.

Could you please describe your current studio setup?
Compact is how i would describe it. Most of my stuff is virtual based with vsts. Besides my guitar and microphone which is all patched into my focusrite audio interface.
How would describe your own production signature?
I really dont kow how to describe my own sound because it depends on my mood i guess its has elements of funky to dark to techy.
Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?
Ive always been inspired by many from Dylan Rhymes, Meat Katie too early hip hop Run DMC, Grandmaster Flash, & More but i also have influences from rock and alternative... as for favorite peice of music.. it changes too often.. to nail that one down.
how is your work day? id like to think things are improving each day... learning new things
what is your best production at the time and that of all the times you've produced?
Right now my favorite that ive done is prolly a remix i did.. which im still not sure of a schedule release date but thats of Marty Mcflys - Take A Break
When did you first get into electronic music?
well my older brother got me listen to the early hip hop guys as i mentioned earlier.. plus more which really drew me to breaks music but i guess my first real taste of electronic music would hafta be trance and roterdam/hardcore. I also when first started djing as a trance dj but later moved to breaks because buying records in the 90s of 2 genres was way too expensive and i enjoyed breaks just a little more ..
Is there anyone you’re planning to work with next release?
as of right now.. Smartbomb which i did the Island City EP with on Truespin Records.... i plan to do some more work with him...
What is the one piece of equipment in your studio that is the most valuable to you?
my audio interface is my most prized possession... sounds great... its portable easy to use...
What proportion of time do you spend collaborating as opposed to working on solo material? recently most of my work has been solo... im working towards more collab work..