Inside Young NRG Productions - Interview with Rig Slutz (UK)

We give the welcome aboard at this new Break group
The Rig Slutz
UK based multi genre dance music duo. 
Rig Slutz are Dj Abel (Production/Dj) and Plum (Female Vocals/lyrics)
They make Breakbeats and Drum&Bass with theyr own unique style. 
A wicked blend of bangin music with original vocal performances. 
Rig Slutz aim to offer a consistent variety of quality productions 
and always try to push things forward.

Where does the name Rig Slutz?

The name "Rig Slutz" comes from urban slang : A Rig-slut is a person who when at a free party or rave heads straight for the stack and dances all nite long. 

Could you please describe your current studio setup?
Our current studio set up is pretty basic TBH just a laptop running

Studio One 2 and a few plug-ins, 2 x M-Audio BX8a speakers for monitoring an ATM510 mic and some pioneer CDJs and mixer.

How would describe your own production signature?
Rig Slutz production signature : Clean and crisp with detailed tops and heavy intricate bass, superb original vocals in many different styles.

Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?
Too many production heroes to name, here are a few
Freestylers, Plump Djs, ,LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush & Optical, Danny Byrd,

Ed Solo, the list goes on !

how is your work day?
Usual work day involves doing a shift as a parent of 2, going to work and then hopefully after everything that needs doing is done there will be time to hit the studio  We try to get a couple of hours a day and more singing at weekends.

what is your best production at the time and that of all the times you've produced?
Production-wise I think that the tracks we are working on at the moment are the best, I mean they have to be for us to progress forward. Each and every track should teach you something that you can implement in the next.

When did you first get into electronic music?
I first got into electronic music at the age of 14, back then there was a massive free party/ rave scene in the south west of England and through older friends it quickly got into my head I couldn't wait to be old enough to experience the music and parties for myself! Here I am 20+ years later still in love with the music.

What is the one piece of equipment in your studio that is the most valuable to you?

My most valuable piece of studio equipment to me are my monitors, I programmed on headphones and hifi speakers for years!? , so when I eventually got some decent monitors the difference it made to my overall production was immense.

As yet the Rig Slutz have not yet collaborated with anybody but we are open to offers and or remixes