Inside Young NRG Productions - Interview with Basschimp (UK)

Welcome in Young NRG Productions Basschimp!


Gareth Jones
Electro Swing Club, LLTA, LTT Records, Young NRG, Unjustified Records, Brighton

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For bookings / collab​oratio​ns email me: djbass​chimp@​gmail.​com.

I am based in Brighton UK and mix & produce a variety of styles from swing to hardtek, jungle to breaks, gypsy to funk and bass in between.
Catch me every Thursday night 6pm-8pm on Brighton's Codeso​ 98.5fm.
With a penchant for novelty, variety, good humour and filthy bass, Basschimp knows how to get a dancefloor heaving and loves nothing better than making a party kick off severely.
After swinging on to the local scene, Basschimp has now played alongside such breaks heavyw​eights as Ed Solo, Deekline, Featur​ecast, JFB and swing sessions such as Dutty Moonshine, Jamie Berry and Max Pashm. After headlining Nozstock's Swing Speakeasy for the past couple of years, this year he also played at Boomtown's Gypsy Disco Stage and Job Centre venue.
With releases out on LTT records and forthcoming on unjustified records, Young NRG Productions and Forever Ill, 2015 is sure to be an even bigger year for this all singing, all dancing DJ chimpanzee.
Going from strength to strength and genre to genre, Brighton's own evolution of rave will step across the genre boundaries and swing while he funks and break while the bass kicks.

 Where does the name Basschimp? Where does the name Basschimp (come from?)
Well, this is a bit of a strange one. So I was in a club and I was really feeling it you know? So the strobe came on and it was like liquid milky light was pouring over everyone. And I was dancing and as I was dancing it came to me that I felt like some kind of monkey that liked bass....a bass chimp. So I went over to my missus and was like "I think I'm a basschimp". True story. Emoticon grin

Could you please describe your current studio setup?

So I produce mostly on my laptop, but at home I have KRK Rokit 6s and I just got a Kontrol S49 and Komplete 10, which I'm looking forward to using in future works.

How would describe your own production signature?

A signature huh? I don't know that I have an established "sound" that's like a signature. I do like sawtooth synths so you can often hear that sawtooth/supersaw sound in my tunes, but generally the only things in common are that they are fun (not serious) and fun to dance to. Even though I really enjoy serious dance music, I only really make fun music.

Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?

 Oh definitely, in fact my heroes grow all the time as I am inspired by what I see and hear. I'm currently really impressed by what Skope is doing. I'd like to be able to produce as well as Howla or WBBL in the Ghetto Funk scene, Hixxy in the hardcore scene (his melodies are so beautiful), or someone like delta heavy in the dnb/drumstep scenes. A lot of my heroes are DJs more than producers- Gammer, JFB, Featurecast. I'd like to be able to play as well as them. I have many favourite pieces of music haha. I won't go in to that Emoticon smile

how is your work day?

 My work day is 9-5 plus commuting. I try to produce during my lunch break (so that's an hour), and I am aiming to produce while commuting (I commute about 2-2.5 hours a day), so I'm hoping once I have a process for that I'll get a lot more done. Then I just do mixdowns/mastering at home where I have proper speakers.

what is your best production at the time and that of all the times you've produced?

You mean like my best track that I've made? I think Let it Go is probably the best one I've done. I played it at Frenchtek and was, ego aside, really impressed by how lovely it sounded. I felt it really filled out the frequency spectrum and had a really strong but not over powering sound. I think my most recent one, So Bounce, is probably the best produced, because you learn as you go and I added new things in there production wise that I didnt have skill in before. It always humbles me that my mashups are like 100x more popular than any track of my own that I've made haha.

When did you first get into electronic music?

I've been in to electronic music since I was 18 I think, maybe a bit before that. I started going clubbing when trance was really popular. I lived in a small town so trance hit there about 2-3 years after it was big in ibiza. I was really blown away by those build up melodies and bass over a club system and I really loved it. When I went to uni I found some harder stuff and someone gave me clubland xtreme hardcore 2 I think. That was it I was gone. After uni I came to Brighton and found the free party scene, was exposed to loads of amazing dance music like drum & bass, NRG, breakcore, raggajungle, hardtek, then breaks. That really influenced me a lot. I moved to Brighton because I wanted to be involved in that musical culture- it had such an impact on me emotionally that I wanted it to be a bigger part of my life. That's when I started learning to DJ and then produce music.

What is the one piece of equipment in your studio that is the most valuable to you?

 It has to be my laptop- it's also for DJing so without it I'm screwed! After that it's probably speakers and then my new keyboard- I'm hoping the Kontrol will really help me with writing melodies and producing better basslines.