Breakbeat Awards 2016 - Round 2 - 27th Dec 16 -

Thanks to all the many of hundreds responses received.
Round 2 will begin soon.. 27 December.
Thanks to your responses, we have the final list to vote and  you get to be in charge of who gets it to win. You guys really made a positive difference in the Breakbeat! To chose your best artist, label, track, event! Thanks!
Round 1 voting is still open!
 Here’s your opportunity to make your voice for the artists, labels and events who have worked continuously with a huge deal!
You can vote with ipad, pc, phone, tablet.

Vote for your favourites now.
Vote your best artist, producer, label, digital store, event!
Voting for Break 2016 open on 16th  december and will close on 15th January.
The winners will be announced THU 19th Jan 2019 in NSB Radio 19gmt

NRG Live Show UK hosted by Stex -
Here’s wishing you a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!