Inside BB Awards 2016 - One day with Freq Boutique - Interview

4th interview:BBA2016 -  Freq Boutique (Miami Beach) Florida
Interview with all artists nominated in the Breakbeat Awards 2016

Freq Boutique
Bass/Breaks/Trap Producer on Base Industry, DogEatDog, Toast & Jam since 2014.
2016 created Subroutine Records to collaborate w bass artists

Was born out of the Orlando breaks and rave scene during the late 90's. It was in 2000 that Freq started collecting and spinning vinyl. What was first a taste for Funky Beats, Miami Bass and Boutique Breaks has turned into a lifelong passion.

  As a DJ, Freq Boutique (Formerly Solsonic) ability to get a hyped crowd dancing has spanned over 15 years. With multiple residencies s, Freq Boutique pioneered each new breaks/dance trend, gaining a wealth of experience and inspiration to create music to move a crowd.

  Freq Boutiques Gig Portfolio  includes:
 BT, Hybrid, Icey, Hyper,  Fixx & Keith Mackenzie, Deekline, Jackal & Hyde, General Midi, Chris Carter Dylan Rhymes, Ferry Corsten , Deadmau5, Benny Bennassi, James Zabeila, Dubfire and many more.

Fast Forward to 2016
Freq Boutique has established himself in the breakbeat community by providing his funky, dirty breaks sound. The music is a mix of trends both current and classic. FREQ BOUTIQUE Breaks can be tagged as BASS, BOOTY, TRAP, FUNKY, NUSKOOL.

This is just the start, so if you're a fan, stay tuned. The best Freq is yet to come!

How was 2016 for you?

I pushed myself to test the boundaries of any given trend in breakbeats from the last 20 years and infuse them with a current sound. I think the product turned out great, yeah! 2017 will be a big year for Breaks!

Can you tell us what your favourite thing is about your  track?

Working with classic samples cut from Gino Latino, 2 Live Crew and 2 Hyped Bros and a Dog!

Can you tell us about new project you will be working on 2017? 

Recently launched Subroutine Records to collaborate with like minds across the world. Look out for Freq Boutique, Future Funk Squad, Pray for Bass, Rick Tedesco and more.

Imagine yourself walking into the studio; please may you talk me through a typical day? What are your habits?

I walk in 50% of the time with tasks to do on WIP 25% of the time I have a clear idea on a new track and the other 25% I'm lost in space haha.

How do you go about choosing what software and plug-ins you use?

I've recently picked back up Reason 9.0 and have absolutely fallen in love with the Best drum/sampler out there called Kong. This sampler has so much potential and I've just begun hammering it home.

What’s the one piece of DJ/production gear you can’t live without?

 DJ gear. Without listening and playing all the brilliant songs out there, I would be writing minimal or children's music. Yep.

Any particular artists/dj’s/ producers that really influenced you?

Hands down Fixx, and the Florida Sound, Plump DJs and the Funky UK sound, PMT and the Nuskool sound as of right now I'm impressed with Rick Tedesco, Paket, Yo Speed, Suga7 and Left/Right.

How’s the  music scene in this moment in your country?

Trap and Hip Hop are king but they're still breaks. I'm not one to argue genres but that is the truth.

Often particular cities are linked to certain sounds and sub genres. Do you think living in your city is reflected in your music?

Charlotte North Carolina is home to 2 Breaks labels Base Industry Records & Subroutine Records. We have a great local promoter group called Square Pegs. Lots of up and coming producers. Hate N Beanz, Dat Boy Fletch, DJ M.A.C., Skinner, Josh B, K Shyne and Ill G to name a few.