Inside NRG Live Show - NSB Radio - Mr Rich and The Caretaker (UK) Interview

Inside NRG Live Show - NSB Radio - Mr Rich and The Caretaker (UK) Interview

Today we have the pleasure to introduce you all  Mr Rich and The Caretaker (UK)
Ghetto funk, Nu funk and just plain Funk DJ's from the South West of Uk. Relative Dimensions Famiglia 

Rat in Da Kitchen (your last production): Can you tell us what your favourite thing is about your track?

I think for me, it’s the chorus part where there’s a few elements  together, it was a cool track to remix and was fun to mess with UB40

Can you tell us about new project you will be working on 2017?

This year we would like to put together a live band element, with Joolz and myself running the electric side and real horns, drums, guitars that sort of thing will be live. We are also very close to finishing up an EP as well so be on the look out for that.

Imagine yourself walking into the studio; please may you talk me through a typical day?
What are your habits?

When I was in the US it would usually start with a face time phone call with Joolz and we would discuss what was needed from us by a certain point in the week, but now im back, we usually start with finding a hook in another tune that we think would be good to work with, then its drum building time, I would tell anyone to go check out Slynks tutorial on BassGorrilla on how he does his drums, Featurecast put a video out as well recently and they’re both dope for arranging drums etc. After this it’s a cup of tea time, why not eh? We have earned it…after that we go about building our tune…usually broken up into small chunks of facebook and youtube breaks.

How do you go about choosing what software and plug-ins you use?

The easiest and honest answer is listening to other people’s views and opinions, Massive is a must. A lot of tutorials worth their weight use Massive or Serum and the best thing is you can get Serum through you can rent to buy, basically £10 a month til you own it outright…cant go wrong.

What’s the one piece of DJ/production gear you can’t live without?

Ableton, Massive, Serato…far too many to choose from.

Any particular artists/dj’s/ producers that really influenced you?

WBBL is on fire at the minute and constantly drops banger after banger, the usual suspects like Father Funk, all things Scour Records, Crash Party, The Niceguys, Sammy Senior, Dub:Ra, Howla, Mr Stabalina etc etc but also I like listening to what us not so well known people are putting out. The progression in the scene is great and all of the people we are associated with are doing a damn fine job.

How’s the music scene in this moment in your country?

Ah man music in the UK is amazing, there’s so many great bands and artists doing their thing, not just NuFunk/Ghetto Funk..but everything from pop to rock, bands want to be a part of the UK scene. As far as Ghetto Funk, I hear people say its done and dusted, but I personally don’t believe it, theres so many different ways this can go, so many peoples take on a song or remix,  its evolving constantly.

Often particular cities are linked to certain sounds and sub genres. Do you think living in your city is reflected in your music?

We live near Plymouth, and that city has always been bass heavy and underground. The Dance Academy was one the biggest clubs in the south west, maybe the UK at one point. I loved the underground scene here years many awesome clubs playing awesome music. It kind of died off a while ago but people like Paddy and Bossa  (the Bassfunk Bandits) help keep that alive.