Inside Young NRG - One day with JRude (CA) - Interview

We’re back with our first interview of 2017! Meet Ontario-based dnb producer, JRude, who talks about his productions into music. 

JRude is a southern Ontario-based DJ/producer who has been around jungle and drum and bass for 20 years.  He familiarized himself to turntable DJing in 1996 and produced his first track in 1998.  JRude draws inspiration from reggae, hip hop, jazz, jungle and drum and bass; his passion is to create music for others to enjoy with the intention of eliciting a similar feeling in others as he experiences from music.  In the studio JRude pushes the boundaries of any specific genre he is working with, while maintaining respect for and integrity of the fundamentals of each type of music he works with. 
Being humble with his talent, JRude has spent years tuning (npi :P)his skills in order to produce music that people naturally gravitate towards.  Catch JRude's debut release on Young NRG Productions.

Can you tell us what your favourite thing is about your  track?

- my favourite thing about Octobro is how it pays homage to a close friend. The name is in reference to how this person has inspired me. Octo represents the many arms of care this person takes with all of the things in his life. Bro is bro so you know. But I really enjoy the sampling. I'm a reggae guy so soundclash samples still get me pumped. 

Can you tell us about new project you will be working on 2017?

- I am working on a project currently with an Indigenous Hip Hop artist from Six Nations. We are crafting a mixtape / album "Live from the 6". The project should be completed within the coming months. 

Imagine yourself walking into the studio; please may you talk me through a typical day? What are your habits?

- When I leave the studio it's usually because I have hit a stumbling block of some sort. So when I re-enter the studio it usually begins with a learning session. Whether I read an article or watch a tutorial I usually start with some learning. Once the skill has been learned its enough inspiration for me to get back to work. I never stop learning in the studio which is why I enjoy it so much. 

How do you go about choosing what software and plug-ins you use?

- I read a lot about new and existing products. Most of the info about the products I use come recommended from other producer friends or magazine reviews. What turns me on to a product is usually a need that I have in the studio. You can drive yourself broke just buying plugins. I try to only buy what I need and try to simplify my tools in the studio. 

What’s the one piece of DJ/production gear you can’t live without?

- My turntables. It all starts there for me. Producing would have never been a thought if I had not began djing on 2 turntables. To this day they serve as a major inspiration as well as a useful tool within my studio. 

Any particular artists/dj’s/ producers that really influenced you?

This is a loaded question... To name a few my short list would have to include: Congo Natty, Andy C, David Rodigan, Sonic Youth, The Beastie Boys & Serial Killaz. 

How’s the  music scene in this moment in your country?

- At the moment I would say it's very diverse. As a touring Dj I have seen the rise and fall of specific genres. Hip Hop seems to be trending while Electronic Music seems to be on the decline. I'm starting to notice a lot more culture-specific music coming to the forefront which speaks to the diversity going on right now. 

Often particular cities are linked to certain sounds and sub genres. Do you think living in your city is reflected in your music?

- Southern Ontario, Canada is a melting pot for all kinds of cultures. My home town specifically is about an hour from the largest city in Canada so trends don't take long to get here. That being said we are small enough where genres tend to last. I think that living in my city has been reflected in my music. If I wasn't so close to Toronto, I would have never experienced Rave / Jungle, DNB culture which has heavily influenced my sound.

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