Stex - Exclusive Dj set- presentation album -

Hi, this is an invitation - 18th may 2017 19 gmt - Exclusive presentation Album SPIRIT OF FUNK Vol.2 - I’ll present my new album with all tracks mixed! 19 GMT NRG LIVE SHOW & NSB RADIO

Super prolific Young NRG Productions bossguy Stex slaps down his first album of the year.
Spirit Of Funk Vol.2
And The title says it all.
Here, Ricci presents a bumper selection of disco-funk inspired tracks from his personal archive.
Musically it's surprisingly diverse, offering a mix of tweaked re-edits , cut-up disco-funk jams featuring familiar disco, boogie samples and ghettofunk style.
This guy is always on top form and he's released an ocean of good stuff, but “Alright Baby” must be the illest.
Bouncy funk basslines and a gorgeous 4/4 kick for all your DJ needs. Quintessential breakbeat funk & grooves!