Inside Young NRG Productions- One day with Synthetic Lab - Interview

Inside Young NRG Productions- One day with Synthetic Lab

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Fat Beat (Original Mix) -
Can you tell us what you like best about your track?
What I like most about my track is that it will be released on a label and a lot of people will hear it
В моём треке мне нравится партия ударных и вокал, но я уверен что могу написать трек ещё лучше. Но главное что трек выпущен на лейбле и его услышит много людей. Это важно для популяризации стиля Breaks.

Can you tell us about the new project you will be working on in 2020?
I'm currently working on a Remix of an old track
В настоящий момент я работаю над ремиксом одного старого трека 1989 года. Также я планирую написать несколько новых треков.

Imagine walking inside the studio; please, can you speak to me through a typical day? What are your habits?
My home is my studio.
Мой дом и есть моя студия. Часто я создаю набросок, до тех пор пока звук не начнёт мне нравиться, а затем развиваю его. Обычно я не представляю что получится в итоге.

How will you choose the software and add-ons you use?
My first steps in the music was made by Ableton and I've tried the other one but only in this software I feel like fish in the see.

Are you an avid believer in learning an instrument?
No, I am not

What is the only piece of DJ / production equipment that you can not live with?
I can not imagine my life without a notebook because it is the most useful part of the equipment to create breaks style.

So what are your thoughts on technology aiding the technique of DJing?
In my point of view, any technologies that aiding to create Dj-set make it more interesting and creative. But besides the above-given view, I think only audiences should rate it.

Any artists / DJs / producers in particular that really influenced you?
I was influenced by Darude, Tom Craft, Moby, Paul Van Dyk and many others.
Я всегда слушал много музыки разных жанров. Но любовь к электронной музыке началась в 2003 году с трека DarudeFeel The Beat. Также на меня повлияли такие музыканты как Tom Craft, Moby, Paul Van Dyk и многие другие

What is the music scene like at this moment in your country?
The music scene in my country is diverse. But the Breaks genre is not so widely known. I try to introduce people to this style as much as possible.

Often, certain cities are related to certain sounds and sub-genres. Do you think that living in your city is reflected in your music?
Definitely Yes! The energy of the city has an impact on creativity. St. Petersburg is a city that helps to engage in creativity and find new ideas.