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Dj Set 30 jan 2011 - GParty Rockstar Modena at Frozen - Giusy Consoli - Dj Stex - Enrico Ruini

EklettroBreak set Jan 2011 by Stex

set jan 2011 by Stex - my favourite artists and track best sells Jan 2011 - Electro Break Teck Funk and a touch of electro house! NJOY

Ekletrobreak Set Jan 2011 By Stex by Stex on Mixcloud

OUT NOW Feline Phonic Ft GLP - Reborn

Young NRG Productions

NRG Remix Competition at Junodownload

Your mix released digitally on Young NRG Productions
£50 Juno Download voucher

Link competition

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• To download the parts you will need to register your email and address with Juno. No payment or credit card details are required.
• Remix the track using some or all of the parts provided in your own taste/interpretation.
• Submit your remix to the Young NRG Productions SoundCloud dropbox here. All entries must include full contact details (email address, telephone number and postal address)
• The submission phase of the remix competition starts February 7th 2011 and ends on March 14th 2011
• Remixes will be judged by the record label and winner will be announced online.
• The winning remix will be released digitally on Young NRG Productions, plus the winner will also receive a £50 voucher from J…

NRG Beatport Chart 2010

With 2010 closed, we've finalized our NRG list of the 10 best songs of year. Many of the singles feature guest artists, an "et-al" phenomenon that includes Under This, GLP, Stex and others leading the pack. But let's not exclude Dj Kermes, whose success from his breakfunk Here are NRG's Top Electro Songs of 2010 pulled from listener ratings on Beatport.

1) Under This - The Crash
2) GLP - Tribal Village
3) DJ Kermes - Revelation Funk
4) Mandarin Plaza - I Believe In Chemestry
5) Dj Kermes - Chicken Funky
6) Funked Up - Stex
7) GLP - Colombia & C
8) Dasya - Open Space
9) Dj Kermes - Buddy Funk
10) Dj Kermes - Push The Funk

New Double release Dubstep and Break - Slowpop - Who

Incredible deep and phat bass over this great break drumz. Cool use of Analog synths and vocals give a complete devastation mind!
New Double release Dubstep and Break - Slowpop for Young NRG Productions

Slowpop-Who-DustynHoffmanMix-clip96 by young nrg productions

Slowpop-Who-DoubleStep Remix clip96 by young nrg productions

OUT NOW Original Source - Do It Yourself - NRGOS

Original Source are a fresh exciting breakbeat duo from Brighton town, United Kingdom. They comprise of two young yet well seasoned fresh and exciting dance musicians aka James D'ley and Alex Retina who seem to stop at nothing to get their very very breakbeat sound out to you the ,discerning raver.

D'ley is a name some of you will already be well aware of smashing his way onto the international scene last year having picked up a nomination at Breakspoll2010 for best breakthrough DJ and recently being signed to the legendary CUT LA ROCS artist agency ROCSTAR ARTISTS amongst many other achievements, but for the first time he has teamed up with a production partner nameley , Alex retina who has been delving in and out of the national and local drum and bass scene since 2003 .

After being left in the wilderness when DnB "turned rubbish" , he spent a couple of years finding where he was at musically to then bump into James who was obviously all about the breaks. Not too l…

19 FREE DOWNLOAD 4 U-10th Years of Young NRG Productions

10 Years of Young NRG Productions'
has now been packaged 4 you, featuring
two hours of the hottest tracks from the Stex,
Dasya, Dj Kermes, Feline Phonic and many more.
funk, chill, house, breakbeat and electro
ALL TRACKS ARE UNMIXED.The label that put over 30 genres on the map and defined the italian breaks scene is celebrating their 10 Year Anniversary this year.Their first release back in 1991 when Young NRG was an Hip Hop Crew..
One of the most innovative records in Italy, officially started in 2001 but established in 1989,is one of the few that creates an international music networking. Founder and manager of Young NRG Stefano Ricci (aka [[Dj Stex]]), together with Teo Ederle, founder of Lao-tsu Productions, created their own personal and quite uncommon soundstyle since '89, when they started producing as the first acid jazz scene emerge. Keeping their hip-jazz roots until '99, when they start their first project Dasya, something in…

We launch Breakbeat Associate for Breakbeat Artists.
Object: create collaborations, contacts, new releases, compilations. remix with partners, djs producer, management, radio, forum...
To create new contact for press releases, remix, djset, radioshow, party.....

Breakbeat Associate

Big bomb funky for this winter!

OhYeah! Big bomb break funky for this winter! Feline Phonic with GLP Together again!
FelinePhonic -Reborn - Stereophonik Mix clip by young nrg productions
GLP- Split - Feline Phonic Remix CLIP by young nrg productionsNew project made from GLP; the track inspired from Funky & Swing music period ritmically straight funky-house that try to dip the listener in the 70's Era
GLP - Split - Funkybaby Session Mix - CLIP by young nrg productions

My 70's funky collection Part2

My 70's funky collection

Original Source-14J an2 011-OFC Teaser

New Break artists in Young NRG Rec - Original Source - From Brighton -UK!!!
Release available from 14 jan 2011 in your favourite Digital Store.

FelinePhonic -Reborn - Stereophonik Mix - OFC SPOT