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Stex - Royal Funky Baby - Promo - Freedownload

Only for Promotion - Bootleg taken from Gwen McCrae - Keep The Fire Burning (extended mix), 1982 on Atlantic Records Funk/ Soul

New Freebie - Stex - Swing Brother - Break'n'Swing Mix

new track freedownload STEX - Swing Brother - Break'n'Swing Mix- a fusion of jazz30's with groove break inside!

Break Pool Party Summer Chart

Checkout all my favourite tracks for this hot summer! For your Break Pool Party Summer!
we are proud to present one of the most important releases of the year for Young NRG Productions. Earth Remix - a great partnership with large-djproducer directly from Spain, England, Canada, Italy, Germany. Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarvez - Stex

OUT NOW in Beatport Stex - Earth (Remixes) - Geon & C.

OUT NOW in Beatport

Review by juno plus: The uber-prolific Stex wraps up his planet series with a clutch of killer remixes of his cut n' choppy "Earth". Geon goes straight for the breakbeat G-spot with a pumping tech funk remix that's not dissimilar to Elite Force's material, McTwist's remix opts for a more playful jam with a killer build up and a classic Finger Lickin' style bass riff, Jazz K Lipa's rendition is more contemporary with plenty of high-end bleeps and whistles while The Random Scarves give it a beastly 4/4 electro facelift.

Out Now in Beatport - Stex - Dry Acid -

continues the long series of electro music summer break . Out Now
STEX - Dry Acid - NRGDRYACD - Young NRG Productions

Dry AcidGranular Mix
Dry AcidSodium Bisulfate Mix

Out Now in Beatport & Juno - STEX - Ahh Super Funky - NRGSF

You found here! Funky 70's in Drum'n'Bass and Slow Funky Remix - Massive Phat Bass inside! Njoy!
STEX - NRGSF - Young NRG Productions

Inside Young NRG Productions - 3rd Day - Interview with McTwist


Since early 1999,
McTwist has evolved a sound over the years to one distinctly his own. His musical background as a drummer allowed him to pick up djing easily and he is taking his gift and running with it. He is a breaks pioneer in his home town of Calgary, AB and has helped pave the way for many talented djs. His sets are ever changing and range all the way from hip hop to drum and bass and hitting most genres in between while focusing on his true passion of Breaks. His flow from one style to another is undeniably smooth. He can mix, he can scratch and he can shake his booty, there is never a dull moment when watching or listening to one of McTwist's set. With, a pulled down low, flat brim hat on his head and always with a smile, he really gets the crowd into the sets. He has played along side many giants in electronic music such as; The Freestylers, Deekline, Donald Glaude, A-Track, Robb G and many others.

Since 2005, Ryan (McTwist) has hosted an…

Inside Young NRG Productions - 2nd day - Interview with The Random Scarves (UK)

UK-based production, event management and DJ outfit, specialising in a unique and often twisted brand of bassfunk!!

We are The Random Scarves from Portsmouth, UK.
Purveyors of bass infused grooves and sharp edgy beats, unrestricted by BPM or genre!!

Could you please describe your current studio setup?

In one word OLD!! :o)
We are still stuck in 2003 using Cubase SX3, Kontakt 2 and a variety of soft synths and plug-in effects.
Essential pieces of equipment are our ears, Mackie HR624s, our extensive collection of sample packs and tea and biscuits.

How would describe your own production signature?

Upbeat, bouncey, musicality and a wee bit lo-fi!

Do you have any production heroes or a favorite piece of music that you aspire to?

This is such a hard question as it depends on what the influence is... Simply put...

Dj Shadow for emotional production and creativity in ideas and production.
Feed Me for massive production values combined with musicality.
VVV for soundscape…

Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarvez - Stex - EARTH RMX

BOOOM! we are proud to present one of the most important releases of the year for Young NRG Productions. Earth Remix - a great partnership with large-djproducer directly from Spain, England, Canada, Italy, Germany. Geon - McTwist - Jazz K Lipa - The Random Scarvez - Stex


Released by:young nrg productionsRelease/catalogue number:NRGERMXVA
Track list: Stex - Earth (Geon remix) - (5:39) 135 BPM
Stex -Earth (McTwist Twisty Beats remix) - (5:45) 132 BPM

Beatport Top 100 Break - July2013 - Mix By Stex - FREEDOWNLOAD

ez peeps! New Mix from TOP 100 Beatport Breaks - July 2013 FREEDOWNLOAD

1) Jesse Perez - Make You Scream (Original Mix) 2) Guau, The Brainkiller - Beyond (Guau Remix) 3) Eric Rigo feat Cara Leigh - Long Drive (Omauha Remix) 4) The Brainkiller - Phantasmagoric (Original Mix) 5) Beatslappaz - Let's Go (Original Mix) 6) Sporty-O, BBK, Kid Panel - Bumble Bee (Original Mix) 7) Junction8 - Bad Habit (Original Mix) 8) Macho, Optobot - I'm Already Dead (OPTOBOT Remix)  9) Beta, Kidd Linus - Party People (Beta Remix)  10) T-Cubeprojects - In The Music (Original Mix)  11) Master & Disaster - HU! (Original Mix) 12) Seth Vogt - Never Hide (Kid Panel Remix) 13) The Brainkiller - Beyond (Original Mix)  14) John Doe - Lover (John Doe Remix) 15) DJ Hero, Rebel Sketchy - Acid Drop (DJ Hero Remix) 16)  Dj Hero  - Aggressor (Original Mix) 17) Ondamike & D-reDD - I Believe (original mix) 18) Thec4, Funk U - Gr…