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Stex- Infusions - New dubstep and break


Dream 2 Step: The Remixes - Breakz R Boss Rec - Out Now in Beatport

OUT NOW IN BEATPORT Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June - Breakz R Boss Records

Release Date    2012-08-17
Label    Breakz R Boss Records
Catalog #    BRBD51

Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June
Kraymon's 4/4 Remix
Kraymon, McTwist, Pamela June 6:12 / 128 BPM
Progressive House

2 Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June
Sketi Remix
Sketi, McTwist, Pamela June 4:51 / 135 BPM

3 Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June
Frenz E Remix
Frenz E, McTwist, Pamela June 5:51 / 127 BPM

4 Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June
Horny Andy Remix
Horny Andy, McTwist, Pamela June 6:34 / 140 BPM

5 Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June
Geon Remix
Geon, McTwist, Pamela June 7:20 / 135 BPM

6 Dream 2 Step feat. Pamela June
Stex Remix
Stex, McTwist, Pamela June4:14 / 135 BPM

FREEDOWNLOAD - Stex- Jamaica Jet New Break&Dubstep Promo

Hi peeps, I wanted to leave for my last tune! comment and feedback are welcome! [:)] FREEDOWNLOAD

STEX - new promo preview

For this hot august, checkout last hot breakfunky banger from Stex.
Don't Stop - Time To Funky Mix

Break August Chart

Ohyeah! Here my favourites breaks august tunes!
Checkout Juno and Beatport August Chart.

Fat Burger (Original Mix)Stex - Young NRG ProductionsBreaks 2012-07-21

Too Close (Breaks Mix)Defkline, Red Polo- Hot CakesBreaks 2012-07-30

Who's This (Original Mix)Mafia Kiss-Rat Records UKBreaks 2012-07-30

Lumsden (Original Mix)Meat Katie, Chevy One- LOT49Breaks 2012-07-29

Funky Trip (Original Mix)Fisso & SparkScarcity- RecordsBreaks 2012-08-01

Killin Speakers feat. BBK (Kid Panel Remix)Vize, BBKKid Panel -Breakz R Boss RecordsBreaks 2012-07-27

Lootin (Original Mix)Contraband-Breakz R Boss RecordsDrum & Bass 2012-07-20

The Metropolis (Original Mix)Toronto Is Broken-Sub SlayersBreaks 2012-07-27

Slap Da Bass (Original Mix)Synthetic Hype- Diablo LocoBreaks 2012-07-23

Welcome to the Future (Original MIx)Too Dusty-Hard & HitsBreaks 2012-07-24

1 CHUDY Get You (3:37) Tr…