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New Junglebreak JazzFunk - Dasya

project born since 1999 from 2 italian musicians (Teo Ederle and Stex).
Like play jazz in dnb, jungle, brokenbeat.

Dasya-Blues Around-JungleJazzMix by young nrg productions
Dasya Baby Of Boss- Junglebreak Jazzy Mix by young nrg productions

Exclusive in Chemical Rec - Forthcoming 12 may 2011 in your favourite store!

Out Now - Original Source - Wompette on Young NRG -

Brighton Calling!!!

Original Source - Wompette & Spool (Original Mix)

New Breakz Forthcoming!

what can I say about breakbeat associate vol.3?
We've called around us 7 great dj producers from Brighton, Italy, Colmbia, USA.
Original Source, Stex, Feline Phonic, Horny Andy, House De La Funk, Ottone, Slowpop
We space from Funk, Electro, to Trance acid synths...
Amazing compilation for your break party!

From 7 May 2011


25 April 2011

A new breaks duo from Brighton comprising Alex Retina and James D'Lea, Original Source make waves with this new release on Young NRG.

Breakbeat Associate Vol.3

Breakbeat Associate is back with 20 NRG releases.
Feline Phonic (IT) - GLP (IT) - Horny Andy(IT-ES) - House De La Funk(COLOMBIA) - Original Source(Brighton UK) - OTTONE (IT) - Slowpop (IT_US) - Stex (IT)

Breakbeat Associate Vol.3 by young nrg productions

Ceckout the last Breakbeat Associate volumes!

Original Source's set 'YOUNG NRG - Forthcoming & Existing !!'

Brighton calling part 2.

Original Source's set 'YOUNG NRG - Forthcoming & Existing !!'
All our releases existing & forthcoming on Italian label Young NRG

YOUNG NRG - Forthcoming & Existing !! by Original Source

It's tine new breakz electro and Original Source are a fresh exciting breakbeat duo from Brighton town, United Kingdom. They comprise of two young yet well seasoned fresh and exciting dance musicians aka James D'ley and Alex Retina who seem to stop at nothing to get their very very breakbeat sound out to you the ,discerning raver.

D'ley is a name some of you will already be well aware of smashing his way onto the international scene last year having picked up a nomination at Breakspoll2010 for best breakthrough DJ and recently being signed to the legendary CUT LA ROCS artist agency ROCSTAR ARTISTS amongst many other achievements, but for the first time he has teamed up with a production partner nameley , Alex retina who has been…

Breakz Chart April 2011 DJ Stex

Chekout my favourite april artists in Junochart!

STEX Rocket (original mix)
From release: Rocket
Young NRG Productions 04 Apr 11

Breakbeat 2 HYPER The End (Beatman & Ludmilla remix)
From release: The End
Distinctive 28 Mar 11
Cat: DISN 208

Breakbeat 3 STEX Rocket (Rolling remix)
From release: Rocket
Young NRG Productions 04 Apr 11  

Breakbeat 4 CURTIS B/HOUSEROCKA Outnumbr'd
From release: Outnumbr'd
Royal One 18 Apr 11
Cat: ROR 059

Electro House 5 DJ MUTINY Responded (Under This remix)
From release: Responded
Downbeat Productions 07 Mar 11 
Cat: DBP 039

Breakbeat 6 BILL POSTERS Hold On (Aquasky remix)
From release: Hold On
Passenger 01 Apr 11
  Cat: PASA 056

Breakbeat 7 MAGIC MAN Solo (original mix)
From release: Solo
Growing Reality 31 Mar 11
Cat: GROW 034

Breakbeat 8 KIDCHAMELEON Red Light Queen
From release: Algospas…

Out Now - Stex - Rocket - NRGRCK

It's time to new break in NRG bag! Rap cutted, phat bass and analog synth trance-acid give a big shout in this new track produced by Stex.
Rocked is a bomnproof and crashworthy. Big emotion in the floor club when the sub and dj pump the volume. All groove, the bass, the rapcutted load all people and dance! Don't miss it,this is for your set.

Rocket (Original Mix)
Rocket (Rolling Remix)
Artist: Stex
Label: Young NRG Productions
Genre: Breaks

Stex - Rocket - RollingRemix by young nrg productions

Stex - Rocket - Original Mix Out Now in Beatport by young nrg productions

New Break NRG Promo Free Download mp3 320 - Alliance (Acid Edit Mix) - Stex

New Break NRG Promo Free Download mp3 320 - Alliance (Acid Edit Mix) - Stex
Acid Bomb Breakz Alert!
All feedback and commet are welcome!
Thanks for support!

Stex - Alliance - Acid Edit Mix - FREE DOWNLOAD 320 by young nrg productions