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Out Now Stex - City Beats (The Album)

Stex has engaged all his new tracks for his upcoming solo album, City Beats.
14 Tracks.

All his styles and genres are included in different musical standards and influences.
Funky, soul, vocals have been very active on this matter.
A really tight balance of instrumentalism, floor-fire and unique creativity.
In a nutshell, All Stex has to do is show people a great time!

This is City Beats - 14 Tracks - All composed & Produced By Stefano Ricci (Stex)i for Young NRG Productions - NRG1531 - Date Release: 2015, 27th May

Boing Boing (Break mix) - (6:42) 134 BPM
Boing Boing (vocal mix) - (6:42) 134 BPM
Dawn Desert - (6:59) 124 BPM
Dawn Desert (club mix) - (7:29) 124 BPM
Dawn Desert (Deep mix) - (7:29) 124 BPM
Elektro Phunk - (5:27) 57 BPM