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Time To Funky Charts! June 2011

Checkout my favourites NuFunk and Breakfunk releases!

Track list:
STEX FT KANEDA - Funky Crepes (Original Mix) - Young NRG Productions
NINELIVES THE CAT - Let Me In - Boogie Boutique
CHAMBER - XXL - Young NRG Productions
CHAMBER - Snake Style - Young NRG Productions
BMD - Your Think - Tru Funk
DASYA FEAT STEX - Everybody Baby (Jazzybeat mix) - Young NRG Productions
DJ WOOD - Zimba In The Deep - Boogie Bootique
MORLACK - White Shake - Boogie Bootique
A SKILLZ - Eat My Shorts - Insane Bangers
JAYL FUNK - Let's Dance - Tru Funk

New Breakz Funky Promo - Stex - Disco Robot (OldSkool Funky Mix)

This is a track for funk breaks fan. 100% Old Skool with phat funky electro bass and all cuts certainly will move your body!

Stex-Disco Robot-OldSkoolFunky Mix by young nrg productions

Out Now - Chamber - XXL/SNAKE STYLE -OUT NOW

Winner of Best New DJ at Breakspoll this year, Chamber's clearly on his way to a pretty outstanding 2011. "XXL" only confirms that - an enormous tune that not only packs the mix with winding, distorted synths that'll get your blood pumping immediately, it also has one of the most effortless tempo drops we've heard for a long while. Bumping down to 100bpm makes it a stand out, and the inevitable climb back up to full speed is an equally genius moment too. Combined with the electroid stomper "Snake Style" on the flipside, this single on Young NRG comes highly rated indeed.

BreakSet Chart May 2011 DJ Stex

Yo peeps! Checkout New breakzset chart may 2011! Badboe, Prosper, Basement Freaks, Deekline, Ed Solo, Hypster, Colombo, Dj Icey, Demolition Disco, Access Denied, Mafia Kiss, Nas, Stex, VovKing..

Maffia Kiss-Bump It
Vov King-Panic At The Disco
Deekline & Ed Solo-Blow Out (Dj Fixx & Dj Chris B Remix)
Hypster-The Uprising
Stex Ft Kaneda-Funky Crepes
Badboe-Funk In The Air (Fort Knox Rmx)
Badboe VS Prosper-Rock The Beat (Moogee & Beatvandals Mix)
Dj Icey-Hold The Pain ft Melanie Rev
Demolition Disco-Big Mama (Access Denied Rmx)
Nas Ft Damien Marley-As We Enter (Dallask Rmx)
Basement Freaks-Balkanizaica
Basement Freaks-Disco Life

BreakSet Charts May 2011 by Stex on Mixcloud

Bristol Calling - Chamber - XXL/Snake Style - Forthcoming


Chamber (Bass Kitchen / NSB Radio / Multiple Breakspoll award winner) Chamber is an award-winning breakbeat, drum n' bass, dubstep and hip-hop DJ based in Bristol, UK. Touring internationally on a regular basis, 2011 has seen his profile rise with further label releases and producer credits on videogame soundtracks, as well as being named the best new breaks DJ in the world at Breakspoll international breakbeat awards. He is also the host of a radio show on NSB Radio ('The world’s biggest breakbeat radio station') and head chef of the notorious Bass Kitchen clubnights, making him one of the busiest DJs in breaks. He has been dubbed a ‘CDJblist’ and achieved notoriety for incorporating a wide range of genres and styles into his DJ sets, production and club nights. Aged just 22, Chamber has already played across the globe alongside many of the electronic music scenes biggest artists, such as Orbital, Benga, DJ Vadim, Ed Solo, Adam F, Donaeo…

New break funky promo on soundcloud! Funky Crepes by Stex ft Kaneda

Back to funky break!
FUNKY CREPES - Stex ft Kaneda

Stex Ft Kaneda-Funky Crepes-Original Mix by young nrg productions

Out Now Dasya- Everybody Baby (Jazzybeat Mix) -

Juno Review: Putting a fresh spin on jazz from the 1930s, Dasya and Stex from Young NRG have a blast on this latest single, "Everybody Baby", which provides a radical excursion into the more chaotic and hectic end of electro-swing. Adding layers of sub-punching bass, dirty driving kicks and smash 'n' grab drum samples, the pair loop up the playful sampled trumpets and throw in the odd vocal refrain whilst retaining the scattergun fun.
Listen the preview.

Dasya_ Everybody Baby_JazzybeatMix by young nrg productions

Available on:
From 27 may 2011 in all stores

Have a good Break day - Dj Set by Stex

Boom Boom shake the room!I'm back with my favourite breakz release April 2011. The list is long and hot!!! Aaren San,Basement Freaks,Dj Assault, Signal Drivers, DJ Hero & Whiskey Pete & Oh Shit! ,Stex,Dolby Anol,Fatboy Slim, Lazy Rich,Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff ,Karl Kage,Dj Defkline and Red Polo,Aston Martinez,Brookes Brothers,Splitloop.

Have A Good Break Day-Set Apr2011 by Stex on Mixcloud

Out Now Breakbeat Associate Vol.3

Review by Juno plus
Pooling a wide range of producers from Italy, Columbia, Britain, America and beyond, Young NRG have put together the third volume of their breakbeat bulletin in style. There's a real mix of styles on offer; the funky side of breaks gets covered with some big tunes from Feline Phonic, who aren't afraid to get their samples out and rock the "Funky Drummer" beat on "Reborn". On a more militant tip however, House De La Funk's "No Way" is a masterclass of spooked, hardcore synths, while Original Source's "Spool" is classic mangled and twisted breaks magic that DJs will go ape for.

3B DJs Available for Booking - Brighton - Bristol - Bologna

COMPANY PROFILEOne of the most innovative labels in Italy, officially started in 2001 but established in 1989, is one of the few that creates an international music networking. Founder and manager of Young NRG Stefano Ricci (aka Dj Stex), together with Teo Ederle, founder of Lao-tsu Productions,
Young NRG Productions offers a choice of 30 different musical genres from House, Electro, D'n'B, Breakbeat, Lounge, Chillout, ElectroHouse, Progressive,to list some.
Definitely worth giving it a good check and... give support to independent labels !! BOOKING AND REQUEST # Mobile +39 339 192 69 45 - Phone: +39 (0) 51 80 22 49 - Original Source Brighton, Britain (UK)Original Source are a fresh exciting breakbeat duo from Brighton town, United Kingdom. They comprise of two young yet well seasoned fresh and exciting dance musicians aka James D'ley and Alex Retina who seem to stop at nothing to get their very very breakbeat sound out to you the ,discerning rave…