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Bashboomb- Just Get Up and Dance (includes free track)

New Breakfunk artist in Young NRG Productions. Could be your essential funky ep for your weapon party! Includes free bonus track.


Just Get Up and Dance (includes free track) by young nrg productions

OUT NOW Exclusive in Junodownload - Stex - Boogiebomb

Juno Review: Blending disco and thumping breakbeat for this new release on Young NRG, Stex's "Boogiebomb" has a trace of Lipps Inc's "Funky Town" running through its veins, as well as plenty of pumping synth work and some chunky drums mixed in too. His Breakfunk mix goes for a more light touch, while the Funkybreak DJ edit opts for more trancey leads shadowing that familiar and much-loved bassline.

Checkout Breakbeat Associate Chart June

Out Now in Beatport - Stex -Funky Crepes


FORTHCOMING EXCLUSIVE in Junodownload! Boogiebomb - Stex

New fresh funky boogiebomb track from Stex! Funky town bass, big bounce cuts and efx roll in the groove. Thanks to Luca Carraro fo cuts consuler! Amazing!!!

New Promo Funky Break on Soundcloud! Stex - Boogiebomb!

New fresh funky boogiebomb track from Stex! Funky town bass, big bounce cuts and efx rolling in the groove. Amazing!!!

Stex-Boogiebomb-FunkyBreak Mix by young nrg productions

Bomb Breakz set June 2011 by Stex

New sick breakz set dudes! Checkout all my favourite artists June 2011. Wtf, Freestylers, Quadrabeat, Stex, Phonat, Kultur & Colombo, Kid Digital, Jurassic & Codec, Eumig & Chinon, Defkline & Red Polo, Soul Of Man, Paradox, Enterpryse in this set! Njoy!
Track List!
Wtf (Beat Assassis Remix) Tittsworth Feat Kid Sister & Pase Rock
Freestylers - Frozen (Original Mix)
Quadra Beat - Back In The Game (Original Mix)
Stex - Disco Robot (Oldskool Funky Mix)
Phonat - Get Down My Dirty Street
Kultur & Colombo - Konflict (Original Mix)
Kid Digital - Bangin Machine (Beta Remix)
Jurassik & Codec - Hit Dad (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)
Eumig & Chinon - Kaschow
Defkline & Red Polo - Rolling In The Mud (Break Mix)
Freestylers - Push Up (Plump Djs Remix)
Soul Of Man - Dirty Waltzer (Original Mix)
Paradox - The Last B Boy
Enterpryse - Something To Dream (Feat Katy)
Stex - Everybody (Funk In Town Promo Mix)

Bomb Breakz Set-June2011 by Stex on Mixcloud

Mafia Kiss-Bump It FT Imarni Blue-Stex Remix

Hi, checkout N1 TID Track! Mafia Kiss-Bump It FT Imarni Blue-Stex Remix!thanks 4 support! NJOY!

Mafia Kiss-Bump It FT Imarni Blue-Stex Remix by young nrg productions

Exclusive in Junodownload - Disco Robot (Oldskool Funky Mix) - OUT NOW

New from funky-breaks honcho Stex comes this fun and fresh journey through a clutch of samples, bubbly synths and old-school drum machines. This new mix (entitled the Old Skool Funky mix) drops snippets of b-boy classics ("The Grunt", "The Funky Drummer" etc) over a Prosac-happy soundbed of filtered funk and sub-punishing synthlines. Stex doesn't let it get boring for a second and uses his supreme cut 'n' paste skills to liven up every second.