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Stex - Spirit Of Funk (The Album) Promo mix freedownload

Stex announces his new album “Spirit Of Funk” - 11 new tracks with amazing Mc’s guest inside the project. For october 2016 - Young NRG Productions.  There are eleven offerings some highlights of which include the squelchy retro funk breaks of “G-Funk ”, the cut-up go-go boogie C’mon Baby and the raw big beat swing groove “Tart Chopper by Stereo Types. The name captures the vibes on here pretty well - we love for their breaks gently souped up for modern dance floors. There's also some killer tunes at hand! Teknoise - Arabic Break Coffee  which gets a bunch of seriously mixes!
Here free download the mix!

Intro G Funk - Ft Mc Lushone and Cali TRap Funk Stereotypes - Tart Chopper - Original Mix Mr Sync Do It - Spirit Of Funk Mix Teknoise - Loud Mix Arabic Break Coffee Cmon baby - Funkybreak mix Got It 2757 Love Pasta Man - Otis Jungle Mix NRG 1607 3224444 STEX Spirit Of Funk

Breaking NRG Music News

Hello! Hope you had a good holiday!
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Here some Breaking NRG Music New!!

NEW NRG Live Show hosted by Stex - NSB Radio - Last djset freedownload
Special Guest Mix: Rel1
A courtesy of
Mazor Promotions and Young NRG Productions

New track Freedownload
STEX - Tecknoise

New Funky Break EP Out Now - STEX - C'mon Baby
3 funky tunes!!