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Inside Young NRG Productions - Interview with DRKWTR

DRKWTR is a welcome sight on Young NRG’s radar screen.

Read the interview:

Could you please describe your current studio setup? 
Macbook and 2 Adam A7x's, Pioneer HDJ-1500 Headphones

How would describe your own production signature?
My signature is a focus on minor chords and emotive composition. I tend towards the darker sounds and decibels, with hints of uplifting vibes and peaceful sounds. I incorporate jazz, funk, breakbeat, techno, dnb, dubstep, trap, electro, calling on elements from each when is required.

Do you have any production heroes or a favourite piece of music that you aspire to?
I have too many heros to name. The Crystal Method, Plump DJ's, Netsky, Bonobo, Quantic, Tool, Metallica, Pink Floyd.. the list goes on and on.

How is your work day?
Generally starts with a coffee or a Red Bull. Facebook browse, check emails, update social media, check out new releases-- than I close everything and envelope myself in the creation process. I find that it helps greatly to remov…

Breakbeat Associate Vol.9 OUT NOW in Beatport!

After two years BBA Vol.9 back in Young NRG Productions.
12 Tracks of hinrg breakz!!

September Releases


Stex - Once Funk'n'Break Mix - Promo Freedownload

Back to oldskool and funk new promo Freedownload ONCE - Funk'n'Break Mix

FROM 5th Sept 2014 EXCLUSIVE Junodownload Cyber Nautic - Antartik Cyber Nautic - Chemical Horny Andy - Like Jaws Jprime - The Rhyme Weapon K Kobain  - Another Time Kit Carson - Analog Beat Scratche - Hollow Point Scratche - Disco Burnin Stex - Earth (Geon Remix) Stex - You Are Funky The Random Scarves - Medium Rare The Random Scarves - Troupadore
After two year back Breakbeat Associate . VOL.9 - Cyber Nautic - Antartik  Cyber Nautic - Horny Andy - Jprime - K Kobain - Kit Carson - Scratche - Stex - Geon - The Random Scarves Nominated at Breakspoll Award 2013 - in 14th position From september in your digital store!